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The act and art of flying had always caught our fancy as humans.  From the times of the early cave men who wondered how the birds they hunted made flights, the concept of being in the air had always remained deeply rooted in the heart of man.

What is interesting is that some men looked at birds soaring the sky and simply marvelled at the sight and their excitement ended there. Some others looked at the birds, marvelled at their elegance in the air and started conceiving ways in which they could develop such a thrill for themselves, they started imagining the possibilities of manned flights. They were the trail blazers.

 I imagine being alive some 2 centuries ago and telling people that man would one day be airborne. One can easily conceive the insults that would have been rained on me or the folly people would have subjected me to. Even though 2 centuries after I would have been right, and everyone around me then would have been wrong, but ironically would not be alive to see that I was right.

My first experience on an airplane would remain ever green in my heart, it was simply amazing (after getting over the fright, I enjoyed the flight). Everything looked and seemed beautiful from up there. I was proud to be part of the species that put us up there. It opened my mind to the possibilities that lie within our kind. It confirmed a statement that had always been imprinted deeply in my mind.  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Have you ever been told you do not have what it takes to be or do something? Have you ever come up with a dream, an idea etc and have had it shot down almost immediately? Perhaps you are the one second doubting yourself, tricking your mind into believing that you can’t amount to much, setting boundaries for your achievements, believing in the concept of impossibility! Well Let’s take a flight down history.

 Quick trivia…. Who invented the airplane? Some of us don’t even know. The smart ones among us would be quick to mention the names of the Wright brothers   i.e. Wilbur and Orville Wright. While you might be right on paper,I dare say you are in fact wrong. The ones who invented the airplane are the people who believed in the possibility of flight before the wright brothers took that first flight of 120 feet with the wright flyer on December 17 1903. People likeSir George Cayley, Samuel Langley, English inventor Hiram Maxim, amongst several others. These people along sides the wright brothers are to be credited for daring to dream. For leading the trail.These were the ones who tried and did not get it perfectly right but they provided relevant information which in the end paved the way for this awesome feat we eventually achieved. Some of them died without ever seeing man fly, but they are truly are the ones who invented the airplane. They are the true heroes.

So it doesn’t matter if nobody believes in your dreams now, in fact don’t worry about the nay sayers and your critics. Listen to criticism just to learn from it, don’t let it affect your zeal to create the future.
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); For instance, I believe buildings will one day float- —–you are probably saying in your mind that this guy is crazy. Well, in the words of Steve Jobs “the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”.

I have often told anyone who cares to listen that everything is possible, our mere existence proves that fact to me. I had once read a quote to me that explains it better. Something along the lines that life is like an empty dark room, whatever you want in that room you would have to create it. You want light? create it. You want a window? Fabricate it! You want a door? Go and get yourself one. It really is that simple!

I fondly recall this quote “ If you can think it, you can do it!” I do not know who first came up with it but I think it’s better put “If you can think it, it’s Possible”.  You might not necessarily be the one to do it.

The very first man who truly believed in the concept of flying would always be unknown to mankind.  He might have had the zeal to test his ideas but then , even the crude technology that made the first manned flight possible may not have been available to him. He might not have had the appropriate tools to even take his ideas for a test run.

Even though he thought it, there was no possible means for him to have done it. Therefore if you can think it, it is Possible, and if it is Possible, someone can do it! It may not happen in your time,but it’s possible! Together we can conceive a better future with our minds because everything is possible if only we believe!

People today give the credit of the airplane we see in the air today to the wright brothers, while they deserve this praise, it is necessary to remember the people who voiced out their believes in the possibilities of manned flight when there was no proof of it’s possibilities.

Do you have dreams that do not look like possibilities now!? Do you have ideas that nobody seems to believe in at the moment? Take a look at the following
People once said it was impossible to fly
Now the entire world is connected via air routes!
People once said the entire world could never be communicated to at the same time
What does the internet do?
Heck ! We have landed man on the moon!!!!!!!
And  yet, you still let someone flush your ideas down the drain??

Believe in your ideas, nurture them, imagine the possibilities and Create your FUTURE. CREATE THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!.   FLY YOUR AIR PLANE TODAY!

By @koladePelumi (Twitter and IG)

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