Much has been said about men being extremely choosy, hard to please and unpredictable about what they really want when it comes to relationships. A man that complains about a girl being too clingy ends up complaining about the same girl, being too emotionally distant. He wavers between different opinions, yet there are traits a woman can possess that won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. These traits are what every man wants in his dream girl.
1. Sensual and exhibiting femininity
A woman without femininity is like a flower without petals –theprimalmale.com. A woman’s femininity is what counterbalance a man’s masculine nature; the missing jigsaw of his life. The luscious lips, the long hair, the tender skin, and the pleasant personality is all what a woman should be, she should embrace her sexuality and never act like a man. Sensuality comes from embracing your sexuality as a woman, it’s the aura of sexual confidence that you communicate as a woman, naturally & effortlessly attracting any man. So bring sexy back, be beautiful, initiate intimacy and express your emotions sensually to him.

2. Intelligent and ambitious
There’s this spark that exist when a woman can relate with a man at a mental level. It’s extremely captivating and magnetic. Nothing, I repeat, nothing beats beauty and brains! Men love when you can make reasonable decisions, act logically, advice them and make sense of your life. A woman’s enthusiasm, professionalism and strong will at making a career path for herself are not only attractive traits but major turn-on for men.


3. Has good sense of humour
What miserable life you’ll be living without a good sense of humour. Men are fun creatures, they want a girl who will laugh and understand their jokes, someone they can have an interesting conversation with, tease and make sarcastic comments about their height or hair without them getting pissed. A girl that is playful, understands sarcasm, witty in her jokes and creative in her comebacks.  Besides what better way is there to be happy than to smile and laugh?

4. Attractiveness
Arguably every woman is beautiful, but not every woman is attractive, yet every woman has the ability to be attractive, by embracing her femininity and sexuality, radiating bliss and positivity, dressing well, paying attention to her “selling points”, looking clean, polished and urbane.
5. Kindheartedness and humility
Are you the type that snaps at the maid/steward, insult the waiter, treat the janitor like a subhuman being? If you’re guilty, you should realize that no guy likes the girl that is condescending; a girl that looks down on people, acts superciliously and treats people of little means as inferior. Men want to end up with a meek and kindhearted woman that can tolerate people and is not judgmental.
6. Plain and honest
One thing that comes with lying is that you always have to cover it up with another lie until it becomes an unforgivable long thread of lies when discovered. So always come clean, be transparent, be comfortable with your beginnings and let your motto be WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get); no pretense or fake life, because in the end the mist of your charade will fade from his eyes and he will see you for the fraud you are. Cultivate these traits and you’ll be magnetic; a girl every man respects and wants to keep.
7. Confidence and self esteem
Believe me when I say nothing is as sexy as a self confident woman. Her poise, carriage, style and composure are what she uses to effortlessly attract men. Self confidence is a positive energy that can be picked on at a distance and is very much magnetic. By embracing your insecurities you become perfect. Low self esteem makes you prone to excessive jealousy, inferiority complex, feelings of inadequacy & insecurities. No man will be attracted to these negative energies, besides how do you expect him to find you attractive when you’re not certain of your beauty.


8. Hospitable and approachable
Every good woman should be hospitable and approachable, unless she’s broken, has a bad character or is yet to embrace her femininity. When a woman can accommodate her man’s friends and family, her worth grows exponentially in his eyes. Men love it when a woman is hospitable, caring and selfless. They love it when you can blend in with their folks and can get along with the women in their life.
9. Independent
This is a trait every woman should possess whether she wants to attract a man or not. No man loves when you are too clingy; they cherish their “me time” so much that it becomes infuriating if you deprive them of it. So get a life, keep yourself busy, indulge in your hobbies and mingle with your friends. He will respect your “me time”, so don’t be the one to butt in into his and in addition be financially independent and inculcate restraints in your materialistic demands. He is not a nanny or an ATM. Besides distance makes the heart fonder and keeps things fresh.
10. Happiness and positivity
Every man wants to be happy and enjoy the joys of life. In reverse, men don’t want to be around women who exude misery and hatred. Irritable women who complain and nag for attention are poison to man’s soul. Just as with her happiness, her toxic attitude and throes is infectious and brings about negativity to all men who come in contact with her (theprimalmale.com). Happy people are evidently more attractive.


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