Words and Actions

By Ogbeide Precious


Tell me about a rose and I will stare in awe, Buy me a rose and you will see me smile. Call me and tell me you miss me, I will believe you, Call me and tell me you are outside and you want to see me and I will fly the stairs and run into your embrace. Tell me I need a bag and I will buy, Buy me a bag and you will get a heartfelt hug.
Actions, I want actions. I have so many holes in my heart; I need actions not just words. This heart wants to feel your care. Words are spoken, Actions are done.
When you say you love me, Show me. I want to see it.
Show me one shining star and I will show you the sky.
These holes in my heart won’t just fill in itself, it needs you.
Love is better off when it’s being shown and not narrated.
Let the rain show the rainbows, Let your love show itself.


I’m drenched in unfulfilled promises, I have stitched my heart continuously and now it’s weak.  Sugar is sweet but you will never know till you taste it, Love is beautiful and commitment is probably easy but you will never know till you try.
Actions leave foot prints in the sands of time but you will never know till you apply actions to your words.


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