Is your body weight/fat giving you concern? Here is the easiest solution for you

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Clean9 offers a weight management program that lasts for 9days and helps you burn/shed fat. You can lose between 5-10kg with one pack in 9 days. If u need to lose more fat, u will need the continuation pack called FIT 1 which is for 30days. However, most people drop weight satisfactorily within this 9 days. Try it. Clean9 is made up of strictly natural ingredients and has no side effects. In fact, apart from burning fat, it detoxifies your system.
Clean9 Park contains the following:
3 Bottles of Aloe Gel (detoxifies and aids digestive health)
1 Meal Replacement Shake (prevents hunger and serves as a complete meal)
1 Bottle of Garcina Plus capsule (aid breakdown of body fat and inhibits conversion of carbohydrates to fat)
1 bottle of Forever Therm (energy and nourish d skin)
1 measuring tape and a booklet to guide you on this 9day program.
ALL YOU NEED TO EAT FOR THE 9 DAYS IS IN THE PACK. However, on days 3 to 9, you will need to consume a 600 calorie dinner in addition to the Clean9 pack. You are also expected to exercise (walk / jog / swim) for a minimum of 20minutes daily. It has the Kosher seal which shows its 100% natural and the Halal seal to show it is of the highest form of purity. It’s registered by NAFDAC as well.
To Order please:
Call or WhatsApp: +2348035624268

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