Where is that nice girl that’s not like other girls? Where did she go?
She had a heart of gold not gold plated, she was the real thing.
She was like strong tequila; she could get you high and do you no harm. She was a balm, the right healing balm and she always took her time.

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She was a beautiful fair maiden and on no account did she ever let loose her inner self. She was always the wheel behind his drive; she was a strong driving force.

She was a strong and beautiful person who was capable of handling him and his inner self. She always saw through his mistakes and knew he was better than who he was, So she kept pushing him to be a better person.
That nice girl that’s not like other girls, where is she?
She was walking on a tight rope, she could barely hold herself down yet she still tried to hold him down.
She never wanted to give up on him and what they shared but he never gave her a hand.
He could have been there for her but was too blind to notice that she was beginning to fall apart, he wanted moments and more but she wanted more than moments and more, She wanted him in every way possible,  She loved him like a bee loves honey and he knew it.

He could see it in the way she acted towards him and the way her mood lit up when he was around, He was her inner glow….

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Where is that nice girl today?

She never did give up on him, she was way too strong and he knew it and so he decided to break her from within. He reached into her soul and made life a mere and empty nothingness.

She tried to hang on tight and too tight but he hit her where it hurts the most. He hit her right in the middle of her heart and made her grasp for air. He hit her so strong that she began to look pale and old, her glow gave way and began to look like parches, She became too weak to hang on.
The tight rope she was walking on finally became loose and just as if she was drowning she fell and sunk deep into the very bottom of nothingness.
That nice girl, her heart gave out and she couldn’t contain the heat within. Today, that nice girl walks the Street empty handed and with a naked soul. She walks and remembers nothing, not even her own name.

She walks the Street of Vegas and now works in a casino. She has been given a new name, she is now known among the highest whores.
That nice girl is now the wench that snatch innocent souls and shape them into nothing.

She is Alice and her reign has only just begun.

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