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Drenched in his office clothing he walked beneath the dark clouds that seemed to follow him right from conception. He was sinking in the quick sand of sorrow as he walked down the dark alley as though tonnes of iron were tied to his feet. The synchronized sound of the rain droplets meeting the dry leaves which were now marshy became the filter that he needed for a clear thought. They rushed in like a river that broke its dam. How could she do these to me was the question that lingered in his heart.


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“If only I had being more patient with my beautiful and spontaneous Theodora I wouldn’t be in this mess. She really loved me but I just couldn’t deal with all the attention she was getting from other guys.”
“A beautiful socialite that everyone coveted yet only had eyes for me. How foolish was I to be blinded by jealousy. Elizabeth was the green snake that invaded my senses and puppeteer-ed me to carry out dim-witted and callous actions.”

The feeling of inadequacy that fed on his soul never made him doubt the outrageous lies Elizabeth always conjured. She made him feel Theodora was unfaithful and out of his league.
“How hypocritical of me to accuse her of unfaithfulness even when I was knee deep in it”
Elizabeth possessed all the traits of a man eater, though she appeared to be decent. Her ravaging beauty penetrated the hearts of men and her tongue could compel kings to succumb to her wishes. Peter, showing much promise and potential coupled with his emotional insecurities was no doubt the best prey to hunt for.
“An obese deer with a broken foot”
The Scandal fabricated against Theodora was totally unforgivable. His fragile heart could not tolerate the thoughts of infidelity. Steered into action by the whispers of Elizabeth and her soothing hands that quenched his anguish, he ended things with Theodora.


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Ooh poor Theo!!! I’m the reason why you had an extra year, how wicked was I to have shattered your heart days to your final exam”
As he stared into blank space, memories of what happened in the day were all he thought of. He had just lost his job when a call came through, informing him that his presence was needed urgently. Has he rushed to the hospital at full speed, his boss last words were what echoed in his head.

“Mr. Andrew Peter it’s obvious your wars at home will continue to affect your punctuality and productivity. You’re no longer the creative writer I used to know. Your column as therefore been scrapped and you’ve been relieved of your duties.”

 The familiar scent of the hospital filled his lungs as he plunged open the glass door. He had eyes only for the emergency room has he rushed straight for it. His one year old daughter was having her first anaemic episode. He was in big shock to hear of the doctor’s diagnosis. He knowing his genotype had great doubts until he was faced with the test result. Baby Lucy had the sickle cell gene.

“Doctor, you must have it all wrong, I’m of genotype AA, and my baby can never be SS”

Elizabeth, eye swollen with tears was in the dilemma of worrying over her daughter’s health and explaining how her child miraculously possessed the sickle cell anemia genotype. As Peter moved to hit her in demand for an answer, she stuttered in bringing words out of her mouth. Flinching, adjusting her clothes and pulling at her long hair, she told Peter the truth.

“erhmm…hmmm, You know I love you, but Lucy is not yours”

On hearing this, his wails were almost inaudible and his eyes glowed red. It was painful to realize that Elizabeth tricked him into marriage with her pregnancy. He had started making amends with Theodora when the truth about the fabricated story surfaced. Their hopes were cut short with the news of the pregnancy. He couldn’t forget the hateful look she gave him on hearing he was soon to become a father.

As he walked aimlessly for hours, he stared at an illuminated billboard of a Tucco’s milk commercial. Under poor visibility he could make out the picture of a happy family. Tears ran down his eyes, his marriage with Elizabeth was a miserable one born out of an unwanted pregnancy. Despite her paternity, he still loved Lucy, if only she could have lived more was the thought that made him numb. He couldn’t see the full headlight nor hear the screeching noise from the tyres of the grey Mustang that ran him through.
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The soreness of his body and pains from his injury woke him up. Rays of light filtered into the room and his half opened eyes made up the face of Theodora. It felt like a dream despite the warmth he felt from the soothing palms that caressed his arm. Theodora explained how she was running from her abusive fiancé and accidentally hit him. Under duress he made out the words:

“You’re the silver lining in my dark clouds, better days are here”



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