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Humans claim they’re an independent creature of God with no likeness whatsoever to any other creature found on earth. Yet, we can’t be oblivious to the valid grounds in the opinion of the scientists that we humans are higher animals. It becomes difficult to disregard their opinion with so much physiological and anatomical similarities between humans and some other earthly creatures. It becomes quite evident that with much superiority or elevation in the hierarchy of living things, as it is observed in humans, comes much complexity.
 Humans like most land animals, especially the mammals have closely similar anatomy and are subject to impulsive sexual desires, but the aptitude to think makes humans suppress or manage these urges. The ability to think makes us superior, unique and very complex. Animals unlike humans have no control over their sexual urges, interest and courtship behaviors. These instinctive actions and impulses are inbred in them and they have no control over them. Take for example the Peacock which uses its body as a cat call by displaying it’s enormous beautiful feathers to attract a mate or the Galapagos Giant Tortoise that literally have to stick their neck to get a girl. After competing with other males, the male with the longest neck gets to mount the female for hours long which is a surprisingly noisy activity.

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A male animal’s natural instinct is to mate with as many female as possible while a female animal instinct is to choose the Alpha male that best performs the dating ritual in competition for her as a mate. This she does without contemplation. She natural picks the strongest and the healthiest male to mate with. Due to man’s ability to think, he doesn’t let his natural sexual desires get the better of him. Men are inclined to get attracted to certain features in a woman such as body symmetry, their bosom and hips (which is intuitive of fertility and good birthing qualities). The Idea of beauty to man is that it conveys information about health and fertility that they admire. The animal instinct of men urges them to have sex with and impregnate as many female as possible but the aptitude to think makes man apply clauses in selection of a mate. Such criteria include the woman’s personality, career standing, religious affliction, compatibility, background etc. These criteria influences their relationship and sex life, it helps them select a mate by appraising their socioeconomic standing compared to theirs and what they want. Through research, it has been observed that men date largely for sexual reasons and they often overlook the social economic standing of the women they are interested in. For men, it’s sexual appeal first before consideration of their potential mate’s personality which is subject to exemption.
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Women unlike the female animals do not go on heat, there isn’t a particular mating season, and they can have sex anytime and give birth anytime. This makes them very unique and complicated. Unlike the female animal that involuntarily mate with the most attractive, strongest and healthiest male animal, the human female is the only earthly creature that has control over her sex life. Her aptitude to think makes her appraise the value of her potential mates. She bases her criteria on career status, personality, wealth, power, political or academic ranking etc. For the human female, the socioeconomic status and personality of a man is more important than his attractiveness and strong features. She’s able to suppress her sexual urges for an attractive man if he doesn’t meet her mental requirements. It is not to say that at times she doesn’t give in to her feminine animal instinct by yielding to the advances of a man that hardly meets most of her criteria but most times the man’s mental capabilities and compatibility with her are decisive factors in the choice for a mate.
Physical attractiveness may be enough for a woman to allow a man’s approach, but he must satisfy her other criteria before she will allow him sex. Take for example, A Sharp jawed handsome man, with a very nice physique approaches a reserved female teacher, she welcomes his approach because he meets her physical appeal but when he speaks something grammatically preposterous and acts lousy, she rejects him immediately. To a woman the willingness and ability to invest in a relationship often outweighs physical attractiveness. Naturally the feminine animal instinct inclines women to be more receptive to tall men as it symbolizes fertility, strength, health, sexual prowess and protection for them. These qualities they also want to be transferred to their progeny so the preference for taller men is higher but since women pay more attention to their set principles in the selection of a mate, you can find them go for shorter men because they meet most of their socioeconomic criteria and personality compatibility. The men could be rich, talented, and famous, hold a high political or religious standing and probably understand them best.


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Human males know the socioeconomic implication of having multiple wives or impregnating women indiscriminately so they hardly let their masculine animal instinct take hold of them and make them to father as many children as possible but since the advent of birth control and various contraceptives they often give into this urges by having indiscriminate sex while knowing their won’t be any long term consequences. The availability of these contraceptives also makes women drop their guards and give in to their sexual urges when approached by an attractive male who hardly meets their criteria.
Unlike Men, Women are more likely to limit sexual intercourse to relationships involving affection and the possibility of marriage, they place more emphasis on their partner’s socioeconomic status thus their nature together with their aptitude to think and ability to make conscious decisions about their sex life makes them more able to suppress their animal inclined sexual instincts than men.



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