“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” –Plato. In this exclusive interview with Temitayo Bamgbose of Trendsexpress, we bring you a talented individual who is known for tweaking, fine-tuning, modifying and producing music that appeals to all. Dj Seywondenigma is no strange name in the United Kingdom, for he is a genius on the wheel of steels. Dj Seywondenigma elucidated on his career, his journey so far, what Disk-jockeying entails and lots more which you wouldn’t want to miss.


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T.E: Who is Dj Seywondenigma, please tell us about yourself?
D.S: First of all, “Go down low”. I’m Omotayo Ilesanmi by generic and specie naming but Seywondenigma Oluwadabira when on the scene. I’m currently studying Elect/Elect engineering in the University Of Aberdeen, Scotland. ‘I don’t wear skirts, don’t worry – the skirts are actually called kilts’. Let me spare you the long story about irrelevancies and go straight to the point. I’m ME, straight and down-to-earth.

T.E: Seywondenigma? What is the story behind the name?
D.S: Mehn! “That name get as hin be o”. It came to stick about 5 years ago when the Don Jazzy enigma freestyle competition was out. ‘I did not participate in it o’ Oluwaseyi is one of my names so seywon was coined from that as “seyi1— seyone – seywon” The name was given to me by a friend though.

T.E: Where is home?
D.S: HOME!!!!!!!! I miss that right now! Sodubi, Onikolobo, Abeokuta is home every day all day.
T.E: Please tell us of your educational background?
D.S: Started off in Kano till I was 3, then moved down south to Ogun. Went to Total Child for a while, and then finished off my primary education at King’s Kiddies Private School, Post office. I attended Patterson Memorial for about a year, then Sacred Heart and finally finished from Elyon College and Leadership Academy, Idi-Aba. I did my first year in University of Agriculture, Abeokuta and then moved to University of Aberdeen doing same course Elect/Elect.
T.E: Why disk-jockeying?
D.S: Hmmmm… Just like Niki Tall would say, I did not find it, it found me. It’s more like a talent than anything else because I wasn’t schooled to do it. You feel me! I picked up such great interest in the art after being inspired by trail-blazers like Dj shabsy, Dj ortex, and Dj Bombastic.

T.E: When and how did you discover your talent?

D.S: I don’t even know, all I can remember is that, I went to a function and the Dj was “shit” and I felt it in me that I could do better so I tried it out.

T.E: You’re a Student and a Disk-jockey as well. How do you balance the two?
D.S: I’m always at school. My studies come first before anything else, aside that they always fall to different timings… school for weekdays, parties or clubs for weekends.

T.E: Being a Disk-jockey requires being conversant with current music trends. How do you keep up?
D.S: You just have to keep up one way or another. Well I listen to radio shows on beat1 fm and some others, so most new songs are played there (maybe not Nigerian) and also BBM is the new way with its “now playing” feature

T.E: A Disk-jockey has to work with different genre of songs. Which is your favorite?
D.S: My favourite has got to be Afrobeats. Mostly because when I start, I don’t want to stop. I like Soca too, these genres always keep the crowd going.


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T.E: What projects and shows have you worked on?
D.S: I’ve worked on quite a number of projects from comedy shows with Basketmouth, Julius Agwu, SeyiLaw, Crazeclown (IG comedy sensation) to musical perfomances with Rudebone, Perez wills, Niki Tall, Sean Tizzle, Donaeo, to formal events at SHELL and so on name it. I was also on an interview with RubyGold (South African artist) as a co-host with my mentor, and Brother Dj Kojo.

T.E: Who do you wish to work for, be it celebrity, brand or agency?
D.S: D’banj!!!!!!!!!!!!! DB records!!!!! Anything with D’banj’s signature is good. I love him die, plenty homo. It’s happening soon, so watch out!

T.E: Any mix tapes?
D.S: Yeah I’ve got a few mixes out there on my website  with their interesting names. I’m thinking of a collaborative mix though, with a Dj here in Aberdeen. I’m sure it’s gonna be the first of its kind. It will be out sometime this year. I’m also working on a track with someone BIG but I would keep y’all in the mix.
T.E: What Challenges come with the job?
D.S: No challenge really except for that crowd that always just seems impossible because they ask for too many requests or they just want to kill your career. **laughs**

T.E: What other skills or talents do you have? Is there any you’re putting into good use?
D.S: I dance! I play the drums! I’m mostly inclined with music though. I’m all about the groove
T.E: Describe your signature outfit {an outfit that best describes your personality and that you don’t mind wearing every day of the week}?
D.S: That blazer with a nice shirt and pant with a pair of socks.

T.E: What are your short-term and long-term plans as a disk-jockey?
D.S: Hmmmn! Short-term plans are drop more mixes, less gigs, work with other Djs and for long term, having my own radio show for people to tune in to listen.

T.E: What inspires you?
D.S: Good music and sound. My environment also plays a part

T.E: Do you play or work around music that appeals to you or what appeals to your audience?
D.S: Well! Best of both worlds really and it depends on the audience I must say. But in a club, it’s all about that tune in your mind
T.E: Do you make research in this line of work?
D.S: Yeah! You have to lots of research, else you get outdated.
T.E: Describe the worst reaction or behavior you’ve ever experienced from an audience?
D.S: Hahahahaha! That day, I can’t forget. It was my second night at cotton club, Aberdeen. I did not understand the chemistry of the turntable I was using. It wasn’t so bad but it sure must not repeat itself.

T.E: What’s your favorite fashion trend?
D.S: I don’t have a favorite to be honest, I like to define my fashion sense myself not necessarily what is been accepted generally in the world today.

T.E: What is the best advice you’ve ever received? 

D.S: “Don’t stop what you’re doing” Major Key Alert
T.E: What have you learned in the entertainment industry so far?

D.S: Humility and constant release of materials to keep you relevant in the scene.
T.E: What do you do in your downtime?

D.S: I play music and dance. Most times, I setup my room for practice and just keep mixing. It’s the most fun thing to do trust me.
T.E: How easy or difficult is it to set up as a professional DJ?
D.S: It’s quite costly. My advice to you is to take baby steps, eventually you’ll get all you need.

T.E: If you could change a single thing in the world, what would it be?
D.S: Hmmmmm…. What is there to be changed? Maybe I would erase the idea of racism all around the world
T.E: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What are your personal goals?
D.S: I don’t see vision and I did not know I would be asked this question, maybe in our next interview, **grins**

I would ask my pastor to help me see my fushure. LOL! That was on a lighter mood. But in 5 years from now mehn! It’s all about that PhD. You know?! The engineer Dj with a PhD.

D.S: Mehn! It’s going places I know. I was even surprised when I saw something about TE online. I never experrerit… I must apologize to the whole team, they’ve been trying to get me on this interview for a very long time now and I’ve been incommunicado. Accept my apologies.

By the way, I just got a nomination in the prestigious award international in the “best male Dj of the year 2016” voting has not opened yet but watch the space and vote for your boy, Seywondenigma.

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