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Visitors are a certainty if you have a house as you’ll all agree with me and are mostly always welcome, as this presents you with an opportunity to flaunt your wellness and wealth and also showcase your ‘‘humble’’ abode. But you’ll also agree with me that the worst kind of visitor is an unexpected visitor which is worse than an unwanted one as u can chase the latter away but must admit the former even if grudgingly into your unprepared and mostly scattered home.
If only that had been the case on this fateful night when the gang was gathered at Room 24 (which I’ll start calling HQ). Some of us were reading (i.e pretending to read so our conscience wouldn’t prick us for having too much fun….), while some were looking for what to eat, and others were playing games. I was using Eze’s laptop to read while reclining on his bed, Aso was also on his bed reading his handout and the last person in the room at this time was Tycoon who was doing God knows what on his computer…when the visitor arrived.
I think I can say I saw it first but didn’t recognize how important this visitor was. This was because the visitor was just at the edge of my vision and as it was dressed in black and it was also dark outside, my mind registered it as a stray nylon. The visitor just walked past Aso’s head and was on his way to the Tycoon when Aso recognized and heralded his arrival with a shout.
‘’Can’t you see it? Can’t you see it? ‘’ he cried undoubtedly getting both our attentions and alerting us to the presence of this august visitor. I instantly jumped up to accord the homage which was his due (i.e. jumping up and running for my life)…while screaming ‘’TYCOON TYCOON, get out of there’’ as I saw that the visitor was about to punish him for not welcoming him.

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In the middle of the room on the sea grass  green rug stood a black scorpion with a red sting all ready to dish out punishment to the unknowing Tycoon who saved himself just in the nick of time due to our alarm. As the three of us struggled to get out of the room as fast as our legs could carry us, the scorpion stood in a defensive pose apprehensive of any attacker, circling round with pincers held high and sting poised ready to meet whatever we dished at it. It seemed to be saying ‘’Bring it on suckers’’.
But obviously It had not encountered the one and only Spartan in the building. The three of us still shocked at our near mishap could only stare in disbelieve as the scorpion rushed to the Tycoon’s computer and started entering some codes into it, knowing it had limited time.( We think it was sent by an enemy company to steal young Tycoon’s trade secrets ).
Then the Spartan arrived and just like Samson of old, picked the nearest weapon which was a very dangerous slipper and proceeded to duel with the scorpion. Tenacity must be recognized and we can say the scorpion fought for his life valiantly but it simply was no match for the fencing skills of the Spartan. The Spartan checkmated all his moves before he even made them and in the eventuality was victorious as expected, squashing the evil little agent who no doubt took his stolen information to the grave (or in this case the dumpster at the back of the house).
The aftermath of this unwelcome unexpected visitor was that no reading occurred that night as we listened to friends and neighbours narration of their encounters with this little buggers and snakes. I also learnt a lot about scorpions that night. And also my friends couldn t sleep in that room that night so I enjoyed a lot of bed space too. Oh yeah we also had a vigil that night (lol na Baba God we go thank na).
P.S. Only 25 out of almost 1500 species are known to have venom capable of killing a human being (dat one no mean say make u dey kiss am oo).
This  account would be incomplete without d mentioning of a fourth and Fifth character  who were present in the room but I decided to omit because they  really did nothing spectacular in the tale apart from fleeing from the black and dangerous visitor! (They really cherish their lives). Also, one of them was the person that called for the fearless Spartan . He also was the photographer of the day as he took the picture of our important august visitor after he was killed.
These “forgotten characters” remind me of a part in the movie troy. A young boy was sent to summon Achilles to fight this dreadful giant. The boy said to Achilles that he would not face the giant if he were to be in Achilles’ shoes. Achilles simply replied saying
 “that is why your name would never be remembered!”
In essence, we have to learn to face our fears!!!!!

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