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Written by Prodigy

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I would like to mention at this junction that I have a very (veryyyyyyyyyyyyy………) bad history with electronics. And this is very ironical because I am studying Electrical/Electronic Engineering. This story dates back to when we were all still in hostel. We were freshers that year and still had the innocent JJC syndrome, and as a result, a lot of our stuff was stolen including three of my phones, Drake’s modem.
After my second phone had been stolen ,I was in the habit of  borrowing Eze’s phone and commandeering it for days, “2going’’ with girls (winks J) but that day, nemesis caught up to me and the phone was stolen also. Seeing as the deed was done in my jurisdiction, courtesy demands that I replace the phone, thereby relegating the replacement of my own stolen phone to the back of my mind.
As I was broke at the time, I had no means of replacing it immediately and to make matters worse, the phone was for Eze’s mum and Eze was travelling home that weekend so it was with heavy heart that I went to break the news to Eze.
The only way to know if Eze is angry or excited is that he begins to stammer slightly, but even though Eze did not show any sign of anger towards me when I asked him if he took the phone just to spite me or frighten me. He said he didn’t, but his composure hardened as he received my news with grace and my promise of another one by the weekend, But his reply was so ‘‘punctuated’’ that I knew to keep my mouth shut was the best option. In reluctance he agreed to stay that weekend and go home the next.
Saturday found me, Eze, and Drake on the way to the Ibara market which in proximity to oke ilewo is one of the hubs of electronics in Ogun State. This was a 45 minute trip all the way to the other side of Abeokuta costing us #400 individually for transport(to and fro) alone. Which we found really expensive (Broke boys J)
We got to Ibara after spending over one hour on what was supposed to be a 45 minutes journey delayed by traffic jam. Then we started moving from shop to shop looking for the exact same phone that had been stolen which was tasking but we finally found one in a display cart and purchased it.
Then we decided to have fun before going back, so we went sightseeing and window shopping with the phone safely in my bag. I also decided to retrieve my line as it was stolen with the phone and for that I needed a new sim card and I endeavoured to buy that also. Having done all, we decided to return home.
When we got to camp which is where majority of the student body of my school live, we all bought fried yam with pepper and sat at a bus stop shelter to enjoy, and I decided to switch on the phone and use it to retrieve my line by calling the customer care services. After I finished that and we had all finished eating we took a cab to the hostel. I was satisfied that we found the same model of  Eze’s stolen phone so he would not have to explain the kind of magic he conjured to change the phone.
On getting to the hostel we met others watching a champion’s league game and naturally gravitated towards it. After the game we all went to our rooms and an hour later Eze came to my room to collect the phone………………… no one can hope to reach the level of my amazement to find my bag empty!!!!!!!!
No phone pack, no phone and no sim card. The only thing there was there was the receipt whose job was to convince me that I was not dreaming.
What should I tell Eze?
Watch out for episode 3 as the room welcomes a special guest, you do not want to miss it!

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