Most human interactions are carried out by non-verbal subconscious human gestures and signs. These signals which are used in communication are often involuntary and automatic. People are constantly using their bodies to send signals on a subconscious level. Just as it has been observed in animal courtship behavior, humans send signals in interaction with the opposite sex.  The technique of using body language for seduction purposes then becomes gaining the ability to purposely pick up on or identify signals that women send out subconsciously. The most basic example of this would be to read a woman’s body language to determine whether or not she is into you, and then altering your game accordingly until her body language changes to a positive nature.

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Body language consists of two basic types of gestures: open gestures and closed gestures. Open gestures are displayed when the woman is interested in or attracted to the person interacting with her, while closed gestures are displayed when she is not. This signals change from open (+ve) to close (-ve) depending on what you do or say. Below are the common signals women send out and how to pick upon them.


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Once you make eye contact with her, watch her for a few seconds after she looks away. If she becomes nervous or fidgety after making eye contact with you, it means she’s interested or probably attracted to you. She will play with her hair, adjust her clothing or jewelry, or fiddle with something in her hands. This behaviour shows that, she making eye contact with you had an emotive effect on her. Also when you make eye contact with a woman that is interested in you. She would hold the gaze longer than normal, before looking away and she might glance at you occasionally.

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Her woman’s shoulder is one of the most obvious signs of attraction; this signal is frequently used subconsciously. Her upper body will most likely be facing you if she is interested with her shoulders facing you, and on the flip side her shoulders will be pointed in a different direction if she is not interested in you. In essence, she will point her shoulders at what she wants.

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Leaning forward is also an easy sign to pick up on, and it is a very strong sign that the woman leaning towards you is attracted to you. If her shoulders point at you and she is also leaning in towards you, then you can put your mind at ease, you are making all the right moves.


When women are interested or attracted to someone, they can hardly hide their amusement. She smiles when you make eye contact with her, she laughs at just about everything you say, even though they’re not really funny, and her pupils dilate (eye balls enlarge) at the sight of you (human pupils naturally dilate at the sight of what they like or something they’re interested in).

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Touching is mostly sacred for women; they don’t go about touching people. To initiate body contact they have to be comfortable with you. So when she starts going out of her way to touch you in subtle or rather obvious ways. Chances are that she really likes you.

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Whenever she rolls her eyes or gives you a stern look in a non-joking manner, it is a sure indicator that she’s not interested or you just said something that got her upset. Crossing her arms is also a sign that she is either nervous, uncomfortable or just does not like you. This area all closed gestures, so whenever you see a woman display these gestures, it is time to change your strategy or probably walk away.

Note: These are subconscious signals so don’t just rely on one to ascertain she being attracted to you. Shyness or stress and bad moods are also causes of closed gestures and some women are always giving signs that they’re not approachable but in truth this could just be their nature. You can still walk up to them and break the ice.


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