What the mass media offers is not popular art, but entertainment which is intended to be consumed like food….” -W.H Auden. In this exclusive interview with Temitayo Bamgbose of Trendsexpress, we bring you a talented individual who is known for his interesting and magnetic personality. He is  a creative person, a multi-talented entertainer, and the fortunate possessor of that soothing voice that lightens up your mood whenever you listen to it. Adesina Alabi is no odd name to Nigerians. In this interview, he elucidated on his career, his journey so far, what being an OAP is, and lots more which you wouldn’t want to miss.

T.E: Please tell us about yourself
S.A: They call me Adesina Alabi Uchena, I guess you’ll be wondering why Uche is in it? I’m from Ekiti state precisely and my mum is from Abia State and I had to coin out uche to make myself a true Nigeria. Well I’m just me, a natural person and a media person. I studied mass communication at olabisi Onabanjo University. Before now I was working with Charlie boy on Charlie boy half-hour show before I moved to MITV. I’m a media person by profession, have been there for close to 10 years and presently I’m now an OAP here in the heart of Ogun State at Abeokuta on  ROCKCITY 101.9fm and they call me the Fresh Prince of Rock City, the only property of Rock City.. I’m that guy that calls himself **Shhiiiina Alaabii**


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T.E: How was growing up like?
S.A: Growing up was kind of rough, starting out from the fact that I lived amongst the likes of Terry G and all these contemporary artist. Most of them we were together around the same hood. Throughout most of the stages of my education it was rough because there was a point we weren’t comfortable financially. I struggled out and now I’m a fulfilled person. It was rough but the latter was cool.

T.E: Did the experiences of your growing up or the circumstances around it shape you to what you’re now or you’ve always wanted to be an entertainer?
S.A: I started from when I was seven, I started singing in church and I discovered I could sing well so I decided to meet with our choir master then, and I told him I wanted to sing in one of the  crusades around which he said, “small boy, can you do it?” I went there, he gave me a chance and I did it, over 5000 people, as a toddler I led the worship and it was glorious and awesome. I started modeling right from 8; my first job was with UBA bank and later on moved professionally into it that was when I modeled for Glo, Thetmosol, and other brands. What really molded me to be an entertainer and an OAP was my determination to get there. Have always been talking to my mirror, imagining it’s my audience and that was how I discovered myself. I realized it’s been predestined for me to be in this field, so I developed my strength and decided to be what I wanted to be.

T.E: Which genre of music do you like or which ones are your favourites?
S.A: I do any good music; it could be RnB, Hiphop. But majorly I think, I love any music that can convey a good message, I don’t go with beats I go with lyrics.
T.E: You started singing for the church and moved on. Is it fair to say singing for churches is not lucrative since quiet a number of Nigerian artists started singing for churches and ended up not staying there?
S.A: I won’t erase the fact that I’m a church person, but after church, life continues, there is still a target audience you can influence with positive and inspiring songs which doesn’t derail you from being a religious person. Such as a love song that conveys good messages and melodies. I never left church for circular songs, but I had to infuse bits of good lyrics into my songs that’s why I had mid-of the night, Letter to mama and my hit “Wajoo” that I got on top chart on Soundcity and MTV Base for couple of times.
T.E: Is it fair to say academics is probably not for everybody? That one needs to branch out and make use of his/her creativity and talents
S.A: Now this is it, it’s good you go through the four walls of school. It’s very good as it helps you meet people and it helps you develop your skill, but note……if you are talented..**pauses** The Bible says the talent of a man maketh way for him, it did not say the certificate of a man maketh way for him. I wouldn’t have regretted having my B.Sc in mass communication but I will say to you that before I had my B.Sc I started having my name. Education is very good but you have to find a balance because the talents and creativity of a man makes more way for him especially in a world where what you can do offers you more chances that your certificate.
T.E: Most of us are confused can you please tell us the difference between runway modeling and agency modeling?
S.A: If you’re a runway model it’s fixed, because you can’t be flexible, you’re only known for probably fashion shows, exhibitions and all that, but if you walk with an agency..**pauses** and points to himself** I don’t have six packs, I’m averagely tall, But if you check this hair **holds an handful of hair** that’s why they call me jerry curl on radio,  it’s my selling point and it’s being there for 8years. The stereotype of having being tall, good physique and being very attractive doesn’t apply to agency modeling. Take for an example, what happens if you’re meant to go on a brand like mosquito coil? Do you need to be tall? NO!! What happens is that they just discover you have enough mosquito bites on you and that qualifies you. Modeling varies, it depends on the brand. If it is runway you know you have to be tall, have flat tummy etc. Another example is Okin soap, they don’t use fair girls, they use black girls. 

So modeling varies, it depends on what brand is coming, what direction you’re looking into and what determination you have in you.

T.E: Most musicians have their target audience but often times most Nigerian artiste with good lyrics often go commercial and follow the popular trend which is more of good beats and poor lyrics. What’s your take on that?
S.A: Now!! Why will someone like Terry G who has got a voice go into making noise? We started together so I know him very well. We started from the church, he sings and you cry, Terry G sings worship and you would cry. Why will he start shouting “free madness”? It’s because that’s what they want.  Now, there is this adage that says, “if you’re not shaking it, you’re not selling it.” Check it 85% of all our songs are dedicated to the ladies out there, why?! Love…love..love!! Can’t we dedicate songs to fathers, why ladies? Why not mothers, can’t we sing about nature? Why can’t we do something very different? We call it creativity **sounding concerned** The idea is we have a target audience but because we’re doing music to sell not to please the soul T.E cuts in: That’s the punch line right there.
The idea is we have a target audience but because we’re doing music to sell not to please the soul.
T.E: If you could change anything in the entertainment world what will it be?
S.A: Scrap all these junks!! In fact before you sing anything at all it has to go throw a process whereby people will say No!! We don’t want this, go and get lyrics. It’s only in Nigeria we hear of an artist complaining on social media that they wrote songs for a particular artist. Over there in abroad it is basically boiled down to I have this song, you have the delivery, go ahead and use it and at the end of the day you don’t have to go back to Instagram or Twitter to just post and tell the world you did it. Even if you did it, the person just has to give appreciation and credits to you, but why must you make it pronounced, look at the scenario of Dami Krane and Wiz Kid, “I wrote the song for him” What’s that? That’s childish. So if there’s anything I can change, No.1 will be to put all these lousy artist in one room lock them up and the one with the good songs bring them out, let them sing for one year and watch them cure us of the beats over lyrics syndrome.


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T.E: What’s your favourite quote?
S.A:  Hmmm… YES, I have two that I don’t toy with the first: at the end of every tunnel there’s always a light and you tend not to know what you have not until you lose it. That’s just it. If I’m going through problems in life, I see myself that I’m just going through a tunnel and definitely there will be light at the end of the tunnel. As to the other one, I’m precious to some people and it’s not until they lose me that they get to realize my worth.
T.E: What’s your description of an Ideal woman?
S.A: It starts from the shape abi ***laughs*** okay…okay..**laughs** I love women and I don’t discriminate. I love when you’re natural, does not mean you don’t have to paint. I love when you’re neat, but at least you should not come with big tummy **grins** it should be moderate. I love carriages, the way you walk, the way you smile, the way you talk.  I also love a lady that has the fear of God and doesn’t pretend. I hate pretense. You talk with everybody and you mingle with every class. You’re not too arrogant, you’re humble. An ideal woman should be able to talk to my parents and my mum as friends not because she’s married to their son.

 I love when you’re neat, but at least you should not come with big tummy **grins** it should be moderate.

T.E: Recently women have gone extreme by augmenting their physical attributes with different devices and innovations, all in the bid of attracting men. Do you think it’s born out of insecurities or the fact that men are very choosy?
S.A: Hmmm… I think the word market for women have come to this agreement to say to themselves  that,” look it’s the fight for the fittest.” Men are scarce that’s the truth. So every woman out there sees herself as I must look attractive for every man out there and that’s why you see three girls walking, and you just call one of them, the two frowns and say, ”come let’s go, can’t you see we are late”, all because you just discovered one so they find her as a threat wondering what you saw in her that you didn’t see in them. It’s a competition for them, they want the best, and nobody wants to settle for less.
T.E: What are the essential traits an OAP should have?
S.A: No.1 you have to be outspoken, No.2, you have to be very bold, No.3, you need to be a researcher , No.4, learn how to be very observant, if you’re not observant you won’t get ideas and also more importantly you need to be creative.
S.A: Trendy sex express…. **laughs** I saw it and I was like Wow!!! I see it as a magazine that is out there to discover talent, creativity and build on those who have not been heard rather than building on those who have been heard. It’s very good initiative. Young minds coming together to do something very exceptional and look at the layout, look at the graphics. If you’re not on that magazine, probably you’ve not started life so it’s good you’re on it. 

Whatever online magazine you’ve heard off, Trendsexpress is the one topping the charts and I seriously wished I pioneered it.

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