[ EPISODE 1 ] – ROOM 24 Grace Hostel – PILOT (NEW FRIENDS)

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                                  EPISODE 1 – NEW FRIENDS
Now that I think about it, I can say that this story was caused by WAEC. what’s the connection?, Some of u are saying, well, the year I wrote my WAEC exam was the same year I got admission into the prestigious Federal university of Agriculture, Abeokuta. But the acquisition of that admission was no walk in bar beach (people don’t really walk in the park here) as WAEC refused to release my English because one of my papers was not released (I didn’t cheat o). Some weeks later, it was released after it had been reduced to a B when I should have had an A, “efiko” like me and by this time, the admission portal had closed and I had to approach the school’s senate to work my admission out.
The registrar told me to keep attending lectures pending the time my case would be resolved. This would prove to be about a month later when my name finally came out with the supplementary list amongst other.  I was summoned to the registrar’s office, where I saw a man of medium height on native garb with a speculate moustache and a very thin (Yes. thin came to my mind, not slim) boy with the beginnings of a similar moustache to that of the man who was obviously his father, with a big school bag. He was the perfect picture of a boy on his first day at school.
This boy turned out to be another applicant on the supplementary list and since he was just arriving and I had been here for over 3 weeks, the registrar thought I could show him the ropes, share my note and timetables etc. I was first apprehensive, but then I just agreed since it would be cool to have a lackey.
His name was Drake and he was an engineering student. We were both to be given school hostel and he got room 17 while I got room 20. And that was how we became friends……..
One Friday morning, I was running late for my first period, on getting to the hall, I saw that the lecture was in session so I slinked to the back of the hall and had my seat quietly, as the lecture was going on, I caught sight of a familiar face but since I could not remember it I dismissed it… That was until the face turned around and passed me the attendance sheet…..then he looked at me and I saw recognition pass over his features, then he faced forward again and I could see he was in the same situation as I,(we couldn’t remember where we had met).
Then suddenly he turned back and asked me the question that clarified all….. “Do you know Pariz?”
“Yes I do “I replied
“He attended my school” he said “he’s my friend too; we stayed at the same house”
Now let me digress a little , Pariz has been my friend since primary four, we were
neighbours, got the same score in common entrance interviews ,went to the same initial secondary school, always topped the class together(Budland boys), had obnoxious siblings etc. So after we moved I went to visit Pariz at his school, and that was where I met this strange face……Pariz was the deputy head boy of his school while this boy had been the head boy and we were introduced to each other that day…….
Getting back to present times, we became friends and I found out that he was staying in room 15 of block D, the same block as Drake and I…we got talking and I learnt his name was Eze, He was also an Engineering student  and this dude is as black as shit (literally). He can eat anything, and even drinks garri with salt and eats onions raw. Oh and he’s a game freak. But don’t get it twisted, he’s a great friend and has quite a lot of experience in matters which can’t be put here for legal reasons
I don’t make friends much so the rest of the lxgents actually started out as friends of friends, before graduating to friends of mine but that does not make them less my friends as the others, actually if I could say they are more my friends, I would.(But I can’t)
A.s.o was Eze’s and Drake’s friend before becoming my friend, He was in room 12 of our block directly opposite my room, he was a COLERM student, He is black also and has a weird sense of humor, he’s the oldest of us all and the one that cooks the most. I particularly admire him because he has standards and doesn’t care what you think about them (although he cares what u think about his jeans)
Rydberg was Eze’s friend first. I don’t really know what happened sha, we sha became very good  friends. He’s in COLENG too. A real built guy smart with a gruff voice, all hairy and stuff but he’s really cool. He loves using the word “asshole” for reasons unknown to me and he loves football more than anything in the world. He has a babyface with the body of the terminator, and is in love with his phone.
Tycoon is a guy who to the whole world is very silent but actually talks a lot in familiar surroundings, he’s also a COLENGITE. he’s on scholarship and is the richest of us all (personal wealth not family wealth). He likes to feel like a young boss and also loves to cook. He drinks garri with no sugar. He’s somehow built too (na packs on potbelly he get oo).
Jboy is a very cool nigger who is also in my dept. he is very handsome (coleng’s finest). And his fellowship is right beside room 28, he is a really devout guy and openly friendly with everyone, you will always find him bouncing, he cares none for protocol and does things his own way, he’s always talking about his family. He’s sometimes a fuck up boy but makes up for it nicely. Did I mention that he’s handsome too. Oh yeah I did (na how he fine reach be da oo). He actually came up with the name lxgents…
Pariz who I’ve said some things about is a COLERM student . He’s tall, an igbo boy, loves to read books and watch E entertainment (yuck).  And some might say his jeans are too tight but who am I to criticize another’s clothing…
Well that’s pretty much all of them, though I can’t tell u all about them now as this is just the intro, but you’ll get to decide just what their personalities are by yourself, they call themselves the lxgents  [league of extraordinary gentlemen] and these  are their adventures.
A Vexscheworld  Production ©2016
Written by Prodigy

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