Devil In The Church – By Theodora Ekah

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He takes his place where ever he deems fit
He sits among the lofty reminding ‘em how important they are
With the smirk of pride across their faces, a show of self-righteousness
They vainly glorify themselves
There He is, beside the palm sweating sinner trying to repent
He reminds him how much he will lose out of the pleasures of the world
Planting seeds of doubt that God doesn’t care about his pointless mutterings
Besides what does it matter if you do it again?
He is on the pulpit now, mesmerizing the sheep with his religious doctrine
Lifting up his hands in “holy worship” but desiring He be worshiped
Telling you the sublime truth in lies
Interesting to the ears pleasing to the eyes
The devil goes to church, don’t be deceived
You are distracted, your mind goes astray from prayers
When your eyes should have been shut
You see and then you look, at last you stare
You think because you are in the church
Call it “House of God” you feel secure
Hypocrisy of the outward appearance you put up to look holy unto others
Your heart fails you for it’s all a show
The devil goes to church to learn what is new
YHWH has said it before
“Beware of wolves in sheep clothing”
What were you thinking he meant?

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