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Did you know that even beauty at its peak as its downside? Every girl wants to possess or be attributed with breathtaking beauty. The desire and the feeling to be on a pedestal, admired and coveted is so pleasant that we all want to be that girl. The girl that spell bounds both sexes whenever she walks into any room, that girl that is intimidating, appreciated and desired by all. Little do they know that it comes along with so many negative presumptions and baggage that most men don’t wish to carry. Below are the reasons why.


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Whenever men admire and see an extremely beautiful girl in public. There is a general assumption that a woman as pretty as that can never be single and will have so many men lusting after her. Most men don’t like to be in so much competition for a girl’s affection so they just watch you walk by and assume you’re taken.
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An average looking girl will always have guys lusting after her, what more a very attractive girl? Dating an extremely attractive girl creates insecurities in the average man, which is more intense in a man with low self esteem. The man at times will feel you’re so much of a blessing, making him feel he doesn’t deserve you, coupled with other feelings of inferiority, jealousy and inadequacy. The problem of trust then arises even if the girl is faithful. He becomes someone that starts to second guess, suspect you, threatened of any interaction you might have with a more well to do or striking male individual. Since she’s so beautiful, the fear that she could be snatched anytime lingers in the man’s heart and most men do well to avoid this feeling by not dating the goddess-looking kind of women.

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A girl’s features could be so enticing that it makes you overlook all her flaws such that it makes the man so forgiving, tolerating all the girl’s shortcomings despite the girl not having so much to offer other than the beauty and the self esteem she radiates to her partner and the idea of him having a trophy wife. The pretty face, the soul piercing eyes, the charming smile and seductive body can sway you to do so much that you wouldn’t do normally, which reduces your manly ego, makes you a puppet and makes you to really go out of your way just to satisfy and please her. Her personality might be awful, she might be a beauty without brains, might be very boring and ill mannered yet the beauty and the positive feeling of dating someone as beautiful as her will just persuade you stay and worship her.

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A large proportion of men are nice guys, only a few are naturals with women that are used to being around and dating very beautiful women. Many lack the confidence and are intimidated by the beauty of a very attractive woman such that it’s very difficult for them to approach such women. Even in miraculous interactions with such women, they fidget and display all sort of nervousness. The fear of rejection is also one to reckon with, so they approach women that they have better chances with. Unfortunately for very beautiful women, they’re often approached by the wrong men (players) or probably wealthy men that can entice them with their riches. This also prevents the average good looking man to approach them with the notion that they’re high maintenance and that one needs to be financially buoyant to date them. So they avoid approaching them or initiating relationships in general.

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You can be very certain a very beautiful girl is obviously aware that she is very attractive, right from when she was a baby to being a toddler she’s been called princess and beauty in her teens. Boys, guy, and men have always desired her and told her what a rare and special creature she is. This often gets to their head, make them act arrogant and with behaviors and traits that are difficult to cope with. Men are egoistic already, so it becomes difficult to cope with a woman that has that much ego and might probably talk to them or act in ways they’re not accustomed to.

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To the immensely beautiful women, your beauty is a gift you should always cherish. Men will always second guess you and judge you with the societal stereotypes, you just be the best you can be. Do posses a nice and approachable personality. The rest will be easy.

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