The Pains Of An Enslaved Lover’ (2)- By Precious Ogbeide


While I was still sinking fast, slowly dying in my depression and low self esteem. He introduced me to something to soothe the ache and make me feel better. I felt like I was in jupiter or should i say ‘it’ made me feel like I was in jupiter. Gradually, I was getting addicted to hard drugs, I could not go a day without cannabis. I was slowly emaciating because I was depressed and felt lonely. I was also taking hard drugs.
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He was with me always but it felt like he was never there. I loved him so much it hurts. He was like the drug I needed to stay alive, I knew this was wrong but I didn’t have the zeal to stop. I started living in fear of him, I would do the chores quickly and cook like my life depended on it.
    One day, he came home with his friend, Bayo. Bayo seemed nice and well mannered, he smiled at me and asked what my name was and for the first time in a long time I realised that I haven’t been introduced to any of his friends. “My name is Uju” I smiled but Bayo could see the pain in my eyes, he examined me closely and he saw fear eating me deeply like a cow being slaughtered. I could tell that he wanted to ask questions, just then he entered the living room.
Immediately, the atmosphere was tensed and Bayo took a step backward from me, he smiled and looked at Bayo and then he shifted his gaze to me, eying me suspiciously he then left the house with Bayo. I didn’t know I have been holding my breath till he left, I felt so relieved and I was panting.
I was afraid and he was feeding on my fear, he capitalized on it. Joseph is a very good guy and he was never like this. I used to be his angel but since I went back to him I have taken the position of a slave. Enslaved by the love I have for him, I let myself be misused, then I thought of the tenderness in Bayo’s eyes and a flicker of hope embraced me. 
I had a feeling Bayo would talk to joseph about the pain he saw in my eyes, and he did.
Joseph came home that night and started looking for a way to be mad at me but I kept my cool. I was having a feeling that Joseph was going to do something drastic but I never expected his next line of action.
     Finally, he hit me, I saw this coming but I didn’t know it would be too soon and it would be over trivial issues. He turned the house to a war zone and made me his opponent, it was bloody.
Now i was emaciating, having bruises and getting beautified with scars. My body became his sex tool and work out tool, I would cry myself to sleep and wake up with sore eyes and a hell of an aching body. I kept treating myself and started applying more make up to cover the scars on my face but the bruises refused to stay hidden.
Bayo came visting again and Joseph was not home, this time he saw the scars and he quickly gathered me in his arms and started moaning in anguish. This act alone made me cry like a little girl whose candy turned sour. He advised me to leave Joseph and go start a new life, he gave me some money and told me he lost his younger sister to a similar circumstance.  Beatrice, Bayo’s younger sister was once an enslaved lover and it cost her life. Now Bayo couldn’t bear the thought of me dying because he felt the need for restitution, he wasn’t around to save his sister and he thought his conscience would be clear if he saved me, I was determined to survive so I took to his advice.
 I decided to move on and leave his house. Immediately Joseph knew what I was about to do, he begged me like I was the only light in his world and then i told him ‘My love is too beautiful to be thrown in my face’, He said he was sorry and he would be a better person for me, this time I saw sincerity in his eyes or so I thought.
I strongly believed he would change and like the fool I was, I decided to stay. He was all soft and sweet until the third day when i mistakenly broke a plate, the next thing I received was a deafening slap and this time I knew my world was crumbling.

… be continued

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