Natural Hairstyles: Big hair or high puff..

Hey guys.. So I took out my faux locs earlier than I planned to, which by the way I spent several hours on and for the life of me, I cant figure out why. Maybe its because I get bored wearing the same style for more than two weeks at a stretch. Anyway, I would love to wear my hair out and all over the place everyday if I could, but my hair and shrinkage are besties so that doesn’t happen often except that it happened today..yay

To pull this off: 

I had stretched my hair with thread prior.. So I just unraveled and fluffed the hair.


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I was celebrating quite too much yea?
But my go to hairstyle any day is the high puff/bun. It’s pretty easy to achieve and it doesn’t generate as much stares from Lagosians *side eye*..

To pull this off: 

Gently comb your hair out, then take a panty hose or a hair band and make a loop with it

Then put it around your hair from the root and tighten the loop till you get your puff. 

Re-tie it to make it firm and secure (Some people use rubber double bands  to create this look but it could get uncomfortable after a while and even cause headaches)

Anyway this top *coughs* used to be a dress but it became too short so I cut it into a top and now I can wear it anywhere.. DIY people..
So what look do you prefer and what’s your go to afro style?
Love.. Ella! (re-posted from: naturalgirlonabudget,com

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