Trendsexpress recently had an interview with the Dapper and Handsome Yusuf Garba. He is the current MR UNIJOS and in this exclusive interview with him, he elucidated on a number of things about himself, his career, his plans for the future among other things. Enjoy!

T.E: Congratulations on being crowned the Mr. UNIJOS 2015. Putting a veil on the various accolades which have been bestowed on you in recent years, we will love to know who YUSUF GARBA ADAM is? Please tell us about yourself?


Y.G: Thank you – My name is Yusuf Garba born in April 14th 1992, I’m a Biracial, my dad is African and my mum is Arab, my dad is from Nasarawa state, Keffi, my mum is from the middle east, Yemen.. I’m a people’s person and a humanitarian. I love helping people, I’m mostly restless, I love sarcasm and being the funny one around friends, my role model is Dwayne the rock Johnson, anything blue, dark red, white and black is my favourite. My favourite food is spaghetti and chicken, my favourite drink is coke, I’m a humble and sensitive person.. I love to be noticed for every little good thing I do and I love the ladies. I’m straight and simple person, I get along with people very easily , I love driving and I’m also a car enthusiast, I’m a God fearing person, i always pray and work hard for any little opportunity that comes my way…


T.E: Where is home at the moment? Where are you based?
Y.G: Plateau, jos south

T.E: You’re from which state?
Y.G: I’m from Nasarawa State,Keffi
T.E:You come from a family of how many siblings?
Y.G: I come from a family of 5, I’m the fifth and last born
T.E: Could you describe a typical day?
Y.G: A typical day, wake up in the morning, head to the gym, come back home to eat my breakfast then head to the shower, dress up look good, drive out to hang out with my friends, play video games/movies, grab drinks and lunch with them, get back home, its champions league night and watch football. After that I respond to my pings, emails, messages, calls and also surf the Internet check blogs, websites, magazines, YouTube etc. I then brush my teeth, change outfit, pray then I head to bed. That’s my typical day. 
T.E: What and who motivated you to contest for the MR. UNIJOS contest?
Y.G: What motivated me? When I was in secondary school (demonstration secondary school) my friends gave me lots of compliments and a Nickname “Mr. Demo”, but nevertheless my elder brother (Adam Garba) motivated me and told me I have what it takes to win the contest, And I won’t forget to mention my friend (Elizabeth) who brought the mr/miss form to me and motivated me to register and try it out..I will always thank both of them for that.
T.E: How did you feel when you won?
Y.G: I felt really happy like I was on top of the world, felt really good because I made my brother and friends proud, and at the same time later I felt bad for the rest of the contestants. What really gave me the edge over them was because i was more prepared, dedicated and ready for any questions or obstacles that came my way. It was also an amazing feeling to have an amazing crowd screaming and cheering for you. It was a great feeling.
T.E: Did you take on any project(s) as the former MR UNIJOS, if so tell us?
Y.G: Yes! I did. I had this idea of helping people, so i organized a talent show called Campus Talent Splash/Fundraiser For the IDPs (internally displaced persons) this is to help talented people, to come showcase their talent and at the same time I was trying to raise funds and support the IDPs here on the plateau, so the talent hunt idea was to attract people, especially the students. So I invited lots of dignitaries around Jos to come to the program and support the IDPs financially or in kind. The program was a success.
T.E: What were the Challenges in accomplishing the project(s)?
Y.G: I experienced a lot of challenges in the accomplishing the project firstly- we were short in funds, we had a great idea but no enough funds to kickoff, so we practically taxed ourselves and raised a little to start an awareness for the program, secondly- my community members and I where up and about trying to get sponsors from food and network companies. It was not easy to get sponsorship from companies or organizations, thirdly- delivering letters to selected dignitaries was extremely challenging, you always have to book an appointment to see them in person, and that took a lot of time. Publicity was also a challenge, because every program needs excessive and constant hype, jingles, posters and on air radio interviews, that was a huge challenge to my committee, lastly – we had more challenges selling tickets to the talent show, and bringing a popular artist to the program.

T.E: Which do you keep more as friends, the ladies or the guys and please tell us why?
Y.G: Actually I keep the ladies more as friends, A lady is more promising, more trusted, more hardworking even if it only benefits her friend and whenever she is helping you she does it with all her heart and expect nothing in return, without more expectations or ulterior motive, a lady friend helps. This she does for you because she cherishes the friendship. So ladies cherish and respect friendship. As the saying goes, behind every successful man there’s a woman. I like to believe the woman is by a man’s side not behind.
T.E: With your striking features, it will be fair to say many women will be lusting after you, how do you cope?
Y.G: **smiles** I’m really flattered by the question. Actually I won’t say they are rushing for me but I have received a lot of compliments from the ladies and that gives me more confidence to my career and they are mostly the reason why I’m Mr. UNIJOS, thanks to all of them once again
T.E: What skills or talents do you have? Is there any you’re putting into good use?
Y.G: My talent is soccer! I’m a really good football player ever since I was a kid, I was the best footballer in my primary and secondary school but I didn’t take it as profession, so technically I’m playing it for fun now. Thank you
T.E: These days, what have you been up to or which project(s) have you been embarking on?
Y.G: Well these days, I’m not focusing on any project but I have been working hard in the gym trying to aim for perfection and preparing myself for the next MR NIGERIA 2016 and Hopefully by the grace of Allah that will be my next stop. Thank you!

T.E: What are your interests and hobbies?
Y.G: My interest are mostly focused on modeling, gym routines and market businesses, and my hobbies are reading, watching movies, playing video games, chatting, eating, playing football, driving, hanging out, listening to music and swimming
T.E: If you could have any supernatural power, what power would you have craved for?
Y.G: Definitely SUPERMAN’s
T.E: What are the pros and cons of being a model?
Y.G: The pros of being a model well it has lots of advantages, like; you can be included in fashion shows and magazines. You have the chance to meet many interesting people. You can become famous and internationally recognized. If you work hard, you have the opportunity to earn lots of money. You can be the first to wear fabulous designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can also get a personal trainer and dietician to help you keep in shape and gain more muscles and you get to do something that you love as your career.
The cons of being a model- Job offers might not come consistently and some might not pay well so it affects you financially. You will have to diet all the time to remain fit and stay healthy. You must also make sure you keep working out. Most of the work involves long hours, lots of standing, and having to pose for the camera all day. It can become boring and tiring depending on the job you are doing and how often you are needed
T.E: Describe your signature outfit {an outfit that best describes your personality and that you don’t mind wearing every day of the week}?
Y.G: My favorite and best outfit I have ever imagined is a white sweat zip down jacket with a curved black sweater neck and a black sweater edge over at the wrist, a pure black wrist watch with a black t-shirt on the inside and (lower body)- A pure black soft jean material and a pure blood red high top sneakers.

T.E: The interested female populace will love to know your description of an ideal woman, please describe her?
Y.G: My ideal woman will be classy, a woman that is generous, humble, with a good heart, a great personality and a good humanitarian
T.E: What has been your most embarrassing moment?
Y.G: My most embarrassing moment was actually a funny story. I lost my underwear in a pool party, there were lots of friends in the pool and I looked all over for my underwear I guess it must have whirled across the pool..I was completely nude in the pool, I tried as much as possible for my friends not to notice anything, but eventually some did and that was my most embarrassing moment.
T.E: Do you believe one can always meet someone better than the person you’ve always been with? If yes, what will your course of action be?
Y.G: Yes I believe someone can meet someone better than the people you have been with it…life is about moving forward I believe you always meet someone for a reason, I believe you can meet someone that will change your life for better than it used to be. I believe you might get stuck in life being with the same people not knowing meeting new people can help you become more successful in life.

T.E: What do you think about double dating?
Y.G: Double dating? **smiles** well I can’t say double dating is a good thing or a bad thing, I’m a straight forward person, when I date, I focus my mind on that person and when I don’t date, I look for 
T.E: What or which day will be your happiest moment/day?
Y.G: What will be my happiest day? That will be the day that I become successful and make my family very proud, my friends too and also the wonderful day I become Mr. Nigeria
T.E: If you could change a single thing in the world, what would it be?
Y.G: If I could Change something in the world, I will change the world to a better places with no wars ,no deadly attacks, no deadly diseases, with lots of cheap foods, with no homeless people because I believe everyone is equal. Thank you!

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