Exclusive Interview With Miss LASU – Jadesola Smith

Akinyemi Timileyin of Trendsexpress recently had an interview with the reigning beauty queen of Lagos State University. Jadesola Smith was recently crowned Miss LASU’15 and of course she was quite expository on a number of things about herself in this exclusive interview.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); T.E – Congratulations on being crowned Miss LASU 2015. Let’s meet you, tell us about yourself briefly.

M.L – Thanks. My name is Queen Smith Oluwabukola Jadesola. I’m a 300 level student of the department of Microbiology, Lagos State University. I am a reserved, cool, calm and collected person.
T.E – Where is home at the moment?
M.L – I live with my parents in Ikorodu Lagos state 
T.E – What state are you from?
M.L – I’m from Lagos State 

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T.E – You come from a family of how many siblings?
M.L – we are four girls in my family 👪 
T.E – Describe a typical day?
M.L – My personal life on a daily basis is the type that goes for lectures after which I hang around/out with friends, give mum a helping hand when I’m free, go for modeling shoots or be indoor all day as long as there is food and light *smiles*
T.E –  What and who motivated you to contest for the Miss LASU pageantry?
M.L – My friends motivated me. I contested for the Most beautiful girl in LASU last year but didn’t win so they said I should just give this a trial just maybe I could win and so I did.

T.E – How did you feel when you won?
M.L – Actually, I went blank for a while, just didn’t know how I was to react whether to cry or laugh. I was really overwhelmed, I felt I was dreaming when I was announced the winner.
T.E – Knowing the nature of women, you must be an object of envy or alternatively a role model to the female folks. How well do other ladies relate with you?
M.L – I actually have one problem with ladies, some of them usually feel or think “if I get closer to this girl she would think I’m familiarizing myself with her” which is very wrong! not everyone has that kind of mentality; but the ladies who really know my kind of person surely relate with me very well.

T.E – Which do you keep more as friends, the ladies or the guys and please tell us why?
M.L – I have lots of male friends. I have more male friends than female friends. Like I said earlier, girls have lots of issues that I can’t cope with (not anymore though) and they don’t wish you well when you’re above them – only your real friends do. I have friends that we just exchange pleasantries and I have close friends – those are my real friends, both male and female.
T.E –  With your striking beauty, would it be fair to say many men will be intimidated to approach you?
M.L – *laughs* I really can’t say but surely I know of some guys who are scared to walk up to me talk more of expressing themselves, I just laugh at them. 
T.E – What other skills or talents do you have? Is there any you’re putting into good use?
M.L – I’m still on my talent discovery level; but I’m doing really good in my modeling and dancing career and I also have the handcrafting skill of making Ankara bags, shoes and phone pouches.

T.E –  These days, what have you been up to or which project(s) have you been embarking on?
M.L – I just got crowned and my reign hasn’t really commenced but I definitely have a lot of projects on my mind that I want to embark on.
T.E – What are your interests and hobbies?
M.L – hmmm… I enjoy modeling, dancing, seeing movies (both educational and random), cooking (when I feel like), staying indoor 😁, eating, reading and…the list is a bit long *laughs*

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T.E – How do you stay in shape?
M.L – I stay in shape by eating healthy, exercising and sleeping well.

T.E – What do you do in your downtime?
M.L – I’m either indoor (I love my privacy a lot) or out with my friends.
T.E – So, what’s your favourite colour and food?
M.L – my favorite colour is pink – Pink diva 😅 *laughs* and my favourite meal is fried rice and grilled or peppered chicken 🍗 *licks lips* *laughs*
T.E – What’s your signature outfit
M.L – I’m a lover of fashion and an outfit that explains my personality is a short fitted  dress with my slips-on or sandals and a small handbag and I don’t mind wearing everyday.
T.E – How important/helpful has social media been for you? 
M.L – social media as been of great importance to me in terms of getting information, reading in terms of academics and other random news also it helps me to keep in touch with friends and family that are far away
T.E – Talking of romance, the interested male community would love to know; is there any flame in Jadesola’s heart at the moment?
M.L – *laughs* actually that’s personal.. I don’t want to talk about it.

T.E – Are you a feminist? Do you believe in gender equality? If yes or otherwise please tell us why?
M.L – I’m a feminist and I do believe in gender equality because we all are equal in God’s sight and definitely we all can do things equally, females can be more innovative and more of a renovator than males so discrimination against females is what I stand against.
T.E – What is the best advice you’ve ever received? 
M.L – The best advice I’ve ever received was from my parents. They do tell me that “put your best into whatever you’re doing and make use of every opportunity you have because what is worth doing at all is worth doing well”  this has kept me going in all the things I lay my hands on.

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T.E – The interested male populace would love to know your description of an ideal man, please describe him?
M.L – my ideal man is a God fearing, selfless, humble, hardworking, good looking, tall, great sense of fashion and humour, neat and generous man.
T.E – What or which day will be your happiest moment/day?
M.L – my happiest day/moment will be the day I get married to the man of my choice 

T.E – If you have the power to change a single thing in the world, what would it be?
M.L – If I could change a thing, it would be turning back the hands of time to the days of Adam and Eve when there was no sin.
T.E – Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now? What are your personal goals?
M.L –  I see myself as a successful and renowned medical microbiologist taking my second degree in medicine and surgery, a super (face) model and beauty queen 👑 and an established entrepreneur.
T.E – What advice do you have for someone who might want to follow your path?
M.L – always put God first then your family and those that wish you well. In all you do, put in your best effort like there wouldn’t be another chance and never be intimidated or discouraged. 
M.L – TRENDSEXPRESS DIGITAL MAGAZINE  is one of its kind, always on top of their game and a magazine everyone should never forget to checkout daily… THANK YOU

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