Recently Trendsexpress was so fortunate to interview a multi-talented and spectacular comedian that his reign will definitely stand the test of time. We believe we’re making history with him, before he becomes a legend on this path. This is because if you’re still yet to hear of him, Trendsexpress brought the detailed and exclusive interview to you first. Enjoy and be enlightened!

T.E – Please tell us about yourself briefly?
D.F – My name is Doctor Frick but I was born Otite Frederick, my dad is a man, my mother is a woman and I hail from delta state, Ethiope east local government, Okpara inland for those that want to trace me home. I’m a Christian and I am as old as my mates. I’m a comedian.

T.E – What was growing up like for you?
D.FWell everyone comes to say growing up was fun, growing up was not fun for me, growing up was growing up. It was a learning process. When you’re born into a family in which your parents are disciplinarians. There is no case of who punishes me more or often. They both practically used me as ping pong. All these made me a good person anyway. I grew up having all I needed but not all I wanted because till today my parents still owe me a bicycle but they think I’m too old to collect it. Growing up was cool, had nice experiences and challenging ones. My mum is Yoruba so you get random slaps for not booting on time. In all, it’s fair to say my growing up was fine.

T.E – Please tell us of your educational background 

D.FI have a primary school certificate which I didn’t collect actually. I also have a secondary school certificate as well and a First degree in Biological sciences. I later tried to proceed to do my masters but then it was money that was coming my way so I changed my mind. Money is better than masters and you obviously need money to be a master.
T.E – Do you feel expressing and developing your talent is better than furthering your academics?

D.F – Building my talent is the same thing as furthering in my academics. It’s just that the academics this time is comedy and the fact that no university runs it is not my fault. I do research online, I study from the bosses in the game, I learn from colleagues, I learn from audios, videos and written materials. I get divine inspiration from God and I get light into some mysteries of comedy through God himself. All that matters in life is focus and fulfillment and I believe I have more to gain in comedy than pure academics itself

T.E – How did you get in comedy?
D.FI never got into comedy, comedy got into me. I started with church drama when I was very small till my secondary school days where we started the comedy in “yabbing style.” Everyone feared me then, because I look at you and there was always one or more special insult for you from heaven. Overtime due to maturity and God’s influence I realized that my comedy is to make people feel positive about themselves, to edify and bring joy to them. Also, playing around stereotypes, racism, socioeconomic and religious issues has always been part of me. My “craze” just increased with time and opportunity.
T.E – Do you see a future for yourself in the Nollywood entertainment industry?

D.FYes I see a big future but I really want to solidify my comedy career before I move on to movies. It helps, define one thing before you move on to another

T.E – When and how did you discover your talent?
D.F – My talent discovered me because there are some times that you just find yourself in an environment or situation and you’re just the solution. When I didn’t even know I was really emitting comic radiations people were noticing as it happened but when a need arose I was there and people unanimously supported me. From being nominated to “yab” (diss) on behalf of the week against the strong to carrying out various feats. My first time on stage wasn’t even comedy and my mother was crying that, “your mates were passing jamb you’re rapping.” Comedy discovered me along the line while I was fooling around.   
T.E – Do you believe you have to do some free shows before you get to the big stage? 
D.F – Well, there is actually no free show; it all depends on your perspective. For me every show I’ve done has never been free. I’ve always been paid. Though you might not be paid in monetary terms but you’re been paid with publicity and letting people see what you have to offer. With time as you solidify your personality and act, money will locate you. Free shows are more like a date for more opportunities

T.E – When you’re not doing your thing, are you more of an observer or talkative?
D.F – I think I’m more of an observer because it’s during those observations that I get other materials. I observe a lot. When there is need to talk, I talk, especially when I want to try out new materials cooking up in my head. 

T.E – You create interesting vines/skits, what does it take for something to inspire you enough to create a vine?
D.F – All it takes is to be open-minded, to learn to activate the power of the mind. To create a vine I try to picture things the other way round, so it’s basically modifications to situations, exaggerations and application of ideas that appeal to your curiosity

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T.E – What other skills or talents do you have? Is there any you’re putting into good use?
D.F – I’m a considerable good footballer, I play Table Tennis well, I practice Martial Arts, I’m a poet, I love music; I play the flute and do little music productions. Basically I’m an all round artist as I infuse both music and drama into my comedy.
T.E – These days, what have you been up to or which project(s) have you been embarking on?
D.F – My brand is PUNCHLINE nation and we have a franchise coming up next year, which is “freaking moments.” It’s a show born out of no show and it’s bound to be so unique. Like I said I started with rap way back so I’m also planning on releasing two singles in 2016 of which “Akebaje” is one. It is a gospel track

T.E – Describe your signature outfit {an outfit that best describes your personality Describe and that you don’t mind wearing every day of the week}?

D.F – I love fashion generally and I love to be stylish but my definition of fashion is freedom. Free in the context of being free in my mind because most times my dressing influences the way I talk and think. So basically I dress to fit the occasion, which is why I don’t have a signature outfit.
T.E – What do you think about the critics?
D.F – I love them, they push me. Without them I’ll just be full of myself and think I’m good but with them I see where I’m lacking and where I can develop myself. My weaknesses they expose me to it. As of the negative critics, you can’t avoid them, just see positivity in what they say, put it where you need it not where they want it.

T.E – Best piece of advice you have ever gotten?
D.F – Continue what you’re doing, don’t quit.

T.E – How convenient is it to filter your jokes whenever you’re doing gospel comedy
D.F – I don’t do unethical jokes so there is no need for filter because from the abundance of the heart, speaketh the mouth. I just get more conscious in church. This filter thing is a terrible concept because it’s one of the things the girls are using to cheat boys. They filter pictures 200 times; you send them money, eventually when you see them you just have to ask for refund.
T.E – Do you think comedy is something that can be learned?
D.F – Yes everything can be learned but there is a prerequisite for learning; have a sense of humour, talent in comedy and open-mindedness as it helps to reason and discover yourself. Also importantly you can’t learn what you’re not wired for.

T.E – Describe a lady that appeals to you
D.F – I admire a lady who can stir my intellect before my lions, not just a girl that can give me erection. Any female can give erection once she has figure 8, fine face, dimples and gap tooth. Exempting tribal marks, stretch marks and yam leg; apologies to does that have it’s not a crime but even if she has all these things I won’t place beauty over intelligence, never!! It won’t happen to me but I know I can get an intelligent woman who is beautiful, she might not be the most beautiful in the world but in the end she should be able to score 70 % minimum when I put her on the scale of my criteria.

T.E – In what way has Mother Nigerian helped you?
D.F – Mother Nigeria helped my career by not employing me so I had to employ myself. They showed me pepper, ridiculed my degree, so I had to stop believing in my certificate and started believing in my “SABIFICATE” (Sabi: Know how)

D.F– They’ve said it all about themselves, they’re trendy, expressly trendy actually and they’re digital as it were, always on point and they’re a magazine yeah! The only Magazine you can compare with the trendsexpress magazine is that of an M16 if you understand what I mean. An M16 is a high caliber gun and the magazine is not a “jhokn stovf” according to Falz the bad guy. I don’t want to waste adjectives on you guys because we need to even create some words that are peculiar to you guys alone. You’re awesome and you’re doing a great job. You can make Nigerians youth proud. You got it… FRONT IT..

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