Bride Calls Off Marriage After Groom Failed Her ‘Maths Test’

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A bride called off her marriage after the groom failed to count beyond nine and answer mathematical questions posed by her in Mainpuri district. Guests who attended the wedding on Monday night said the girl had studied up to Class 8 and wanted to become a teacher. After the wedding was cancelled, the girl’s family alleged that the groom was ‘illiterate’ and ‘mentally unfit.’

The incident took place in Gulariapur village under Kishni police station. Srikrishna Babu Saxena, resident of Gulariapur, had fixed the marriage of his daughter Khushboo with Omveer, son of Rajendra Singh, resident of village Saraia, Oriya district. When the marriage proceedings began, one of the bride’s friends told her that the groom was unable to recite the wedding mantras properly. It was then that Khushboo decided to ask Omveer a few mathematical questions.
When her parents tried to stop her, she told them she couldn’t get married to an illiterate person. When asked to count the coins, Omveer couldn’t go beyond nine. Neither could he dial her mobile number nor was he able to tell the difference between 69 and 79. After asking several questions, Khushboo came to the conclusion that ‘he was mentally unfit’ and called off the wedding. The matter reached the panchayat but the bride refused to change her decision.
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