Bello Sekinah covers Trendsexpress as face of the month (Vol. 1; Issue 6)


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Full Name: Bello Sekinah Temilola

Birthday: June 19th

State of Origin: Oyo state 

Present Location: Osun State 

School: Fountain University, Osogbo, Osun State

Course: Sociology 

Level: 400 

Height: 5’11

Weight: 72kg 


Religion: Islam 

Interests: Nature (Adventure) and Business 

Likes: Positivity, Shopping and Family. 

Dislikes: Insensitivity, Negativity and Low Self Esteem. 

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Best colour: White and Sky blue 

Best friends: Cabeerah Akanni and Lekan Balogun 

Favorite Quote: Life isn’t usually about waiting for the storm to pass but, learning to dance in the rain. 

IG Handle: @Sekinah_ 

T.E: Can we meet you please, tell us about yourself briefly?
B.S – My name is Bello Sekinah Temilola. A student of Fountain University, Osun state, Osogbo. From the department of Sociology. 
T.E: What has been your biggest challenge?
B.S- Life itself is a challenge. Challenges have passed, some are here, some are to come. Challenge itself says “I’m tough”. So, I see it as a building stone to a beautiful career and life I want. I create balance by keeping good faith and strive to make it seem easy.
T.E: How do you stay in shape?
B.S – A bit of exercise and I watch my calorie intake.
T.E: What do you admire in a man?
B.S – A clean/neat, straight and tall man. Neatness attracts me most and it’s a nice thing to admire I guess. *smiles*
TE: Describe your signature outfit?
B.S – A black round neck top and a black jeans. It’s always simple and fabulous.
T.E: What’s your favourite fashion trend?
B.S – The big boyfriend top, Jeans and oxford shoes…I mean, it’s slaying… *smiles*

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T.E: What do you do in your downtime?
B.S – I read, novels mostly, see movies or just rest. 
T.E: If you could have any super power, what would it be?
B.S – That would be a hybrid…The Klaus/Hayley kind of hybrid…It awes me.
T.E: Your fondest childhood memory too?
B.S – When I have to dress up and go dance at birthday parties/ end of the year parties. *laughs*
T.E: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
Do not underestimate yourself and do not depend on anyone ( in momma’s voice) *smiles*

T.E: What do you think about trendsexpress? 
Trend express is informative and interesting. want to stay out of the reach of boredom? Try Trendsexpress.

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