[Agonies Of A Raped Nation] ‘BROKEN LEAVES’ – By Oyekan Ebun


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She’s walking in the cold streets, they say true religion is played out, she is dressed in some tattered clothes, you might be wondering what happened to her, a nation in a state of chaos, a state in turmoil, every community now  more or less a morgue, all the streets are now war fronts, citizens are passing out, bullets all around like dirt, hospitals are occupied to full capacity, what can she be doing on the streets now, her family is no where to be found, the home she left is gone, the school she left for is dust, the market place is not safe to run to, neither is the church or the mosque, the government is invisible, she can’t speak ’cause she’s scared to death, everywhere seems dark even though it’s broad day light, her heart beats as the clock ticks, she can’t say who she worships, ’cause if she does they might slit up her throat, still the only thing she knows is fear, I didn’t tell you she lives at the north side, your house you are scared to live in, the market you are scared to go to, the women are scared to go to the stream, the men running from their farm land, ’cause we don’t know where next might blow up. Finally she’s caught by some men who are unknown to her, and forcefully she was raped by all of them, now this girl is made a beast and hates every man she sees, nobody knows why she ended up trying to blow up a whole town before she was caught, you wouldn’t know her pain unless you walked inside of her shoes, I know they’ll rather see you cry than be happy, they’ll crack open your eggs, in Nigeria, this is all madness, sighs, let me take a breath…………… Well, he’s walking in this hot rain, he’s ready and he is watching out, he knows that he is not safe, ready to defend himself if anything comes by, even with his alertness, they still kidnapped him all the same, brainwashed him and set him up for a job, his family are in search for him, his loved ones are crying out, this child that that used to play football, has committed suicide now. But we do not really know what they want, maybe they’re against western education, maybe fighting to own some states, maybe it’s for religion, maybe they do not even know what they want, but that we do not know, they’re killing muslims, they are killing Christians, even idol worshipers are victims of bomb attacks. Let’s rectify this horror, let us make peace, their minds are out of order, we don’t know what they need, but we know they want trouble, but how can we do that if we do not face the truth, politicians are embezzling funds, police men are receiving bribes, prostitutes sleeping all around, religious leaders are going astray, lectures are molesting students, we now believe everyone is corrupt, what a mind set we all have, hmmmm, a new government is upon us, we are still expecting the change! And now they ask me,  who are you to talk to us? I tell them that I’m a beast, they left me out here naked, but I won’t feast, what I say might pierce you, because the truth is a mother.

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