This is what Would Happen If Whatsapp’s “chatting with…” feature was a real thing

Recently, the internet exploded when a picture circulated of a new feature that Whatsapp was supposedly launching.The “chatting with” feature would show your friends on Whatsapp who exactly you are talking to at any given moment. Let’s just say that people didn’t like this idea at all.
Who could blame them?
Remember when Whatsapp launched the blue tick function?
It made people more paranoid about why their messages were not being answered immediately and surely caused a lot of rifts in relationships in the process.
Thankfully, the whole thing turned out to be fake. According to Try Modern, the picture appears to be photoshopped and the feature is just a rumour. Phew!

But if this feature did actually exist, it would take messaging to a whole other level.
Here are things we think would happen if the “chatting with” feature were real:
1. It would be harder to ignore people
All those small lies you tell to end boring/awkward conversations would not work.  You can’t say:  “can’t chat right now” or “about to go into a meeting” and then be seen chatting with another person.

2. Relationships would endSo many things could go wrong here. Your significant other would see you chatting to someone they don’t like; or they could get upset because you are chatting to other people instead of with them,  or think you are cheating – the list is endless and many relationships would die.

Whatsapp chatting with feature
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3. Your boss would see you slacking off
If you have see your boss is on Whatsapp, there is a chance they would see you’re engaged in personal socialising instead of work. You can’t really explain how “chatting with mom” is work related. 

4. Paranoia would run rife
It’s bad enough seeing those blue ticks and not getting a message back right away. Imagine those blue ticks AND seeing that the person you want to talk to is busy chatting to someone else. This would be even worse if it was someone you were dating, or a friend you just told a big secret to… 

5. Stalking would become more real than ever
You know those crazy people who track all of your online activity? Not only would they know when you are online, if you read their messages and that you changed your profile picture – they would also know who you’re chatting with and when. 

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