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By Tayo-Trendz

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It’s pretty obvious you’re interested in them, but it becomes difficult to keep a good conversation that will ignite sparks and create a connection.  I can’t but stress the importance of good communication skills as it helps in our everyday dealings.
Boredom can easily snuff out the fire of a relationship, so it becomes essential to be able to have good conversations with people you’re close with, as it helps foster relationships, build connections, such that you get used to each other and reveal intelligence and personality. In some relationships there is this partner that always replies with mono-syllabic words and doesn’t know how to initiate or keep a good conversation. Little do you know that it’s not always intentional, good communication skills are just something they lack and you had best send this article to them. Below are tips on how to keep an interesting conversation.


It’s not always about you. This is the mind-frame you have to learn and be conscious about. Getting interested in people is the most important step because a good conversation can never take place if you don’t show interest in the first place. To let people get interested in you, you have to get interested in them first. Ask questions, show interest in their activities and daily. It will definitely make them feel good about themselves and in turn they ask you questions as well, that way the conversation becomes double sided like a ping pong game. It is not to say you should ask prying and confidential question always. The primary aim is just not to be selfish with conversations; letting everything be just about you, without you contributing significantly. Be careful to pretend you are interested in the other person whereas your not.


One must wonder what active listening is. It is the secret of keeping a good conversation, with little or no awkward pauses. Often when we engage in conversations, we make the huge mistake of thinking of what next to say rather than actually listening to what the other person is saying. The golden key to the perfect conversation is simply adept listening. Let your mind focus on what is happening at that moment between you and the other person (be it your partner, spouse, friend or lover). The simple logic behind it is this, when you pay attention and listen in a conversation it becomes easy to spring up new topic or talking point from what the other person said. It also becomes easy to continue the conversation such that it progresses with ease. Below are instances where active-listening is practiced.
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Stella: How are you dear?
Jude: I’m fine and you?
Stella: Good, how did your day go? **showing interest**
Jude: It was a hectic day at work. I later went to the market after work?
Stella: Sorry dear what made your work so hectic? /  Really?! What was your mission at the market?
Jude:  I had to carry out lots of annoying interviews /  What do they do in the market? Ok I went to buy a monkey. **sense of humour**
Stella: I should have applied to frustrate you with silly answers/ No wonder you’re acting like one, so what did you buy?
Jude: Your application would have been rejected because we only admit sexy ladies, ouch! That must have hit a nerve.  **sense of humour**
Stella: I’m sexy and I know it, besides your words don’t pierce me anymore. How are your insecure girlfriends? **sense of humour**
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You will notice that active listening brings about follow up questions that will lead to a conversation even without knowing it.


To my surprise, many people’s sense of humour has packed their bags and travelled to China. It becomes crucial to have a good sense of humour as it does not only open doors but it is very important in everyday interactions. Everyone loves a good laugh, it warms the heart  thus making relationships proceed with ease and helps build a connection. Good sense of humour comes natural to most people yet it’s something you can instill into your conversations. The key to having a good sense of humour is being open-minded. This opens door for creativity, you start to think outside the box and start to see the funny side of most situations and spoken words. To have a good sense of humour, you have to be a happy individual, someone who can take a joke, high self esteem and you have to be someone that doesn’t take life too seriously. How else will you be interesting and funny if you do? When you have a good sense of humour, there is this force field of positivity that surrounds you, alongside the happiness and warm feeling that you radiate. Due to this, people will always want to be around you, they will invite you to places and individuals can even do favours for you.


Never stop at making yourself a better person and increasing your knowledge. Read the papers, listen to news, read novels, observe people, watch interesting TV shows, make good use of the internet and learn something from other people’s field. That way you can fit in into virtually any social gathering without looking awkward and thus enabling you to communicate like an intellectual.
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Do remember that the key to unlock the art of a good convesation is communication. Communication is expressing ones self in words and a good converstion is its sustanability. Stick with these tricks and. Some one would notice the difference in you!


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