The distinguishing mark between a real entrepreneur and a wannabe is the inhibition of creativity in all that is required. Creativity is an action that is intricate done out of the desire to satisfy the need to fill a void or improve a situation. Creativity breeds innovation and in turn provides beneficial outcomes to promote life with cutting edge comfort.
Now as an entrepreneur, you would often realize that in fact, you were born to be a problem solver. As an entrepreneur, challenges in terms of problems are seen as an avenue for creativity.
Every living and reasoning being has an iota of creativity embedded in the mind. This is what makes humans a unique creation. All it takes is to break out of the mental prison and let your latent creativity free
An anti-creative person or a non-creative person per say is one who is naturally backwards and accepts unpleasant situations as fate implying that ‘it is’ destiny’. Anti-creativity is the psychological state where by one is mentally not given to chance to be creatively imaginative. There is no zeal or passion to do something out of the ordinary. This person is only just in a state of a mental or psychological comatose.
Entrepreneurs are all about creating value, finding challenges and creating solutions and daring to make a difference from the norm often by thinking outside the box. A true entrepreneur’s action is driven passion, determination and focus on a vision that most of the time no one clearly seems to understand.
Creativity involves analytical deep thinking. This involves following where your mind strategically leads to exploring beyond fantasies. Your mind is key in everything you do. That’s where the ability of your power, strength and weaknesses a nursed.

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  •  Explore Abilities
In every aspect of life, there are challenges and problems. The entrepreneur is never weighed down by this. But rather feels intrigued by proffering solutions.

  • Taking Calculated Risks

The smart entrepreneur is always kept abreast with social, economic and financial information that is relevant. He or she doesn’t just follow the heart to divulge into the unknown world of business. Sometimes, it’s best for the heart and head to work in synchronization.

  • Identifying Possible Solutions That Are Effective
This is just after exploring possibilities.
  • Evaluating The Possible Best Solution
With all the business wittiness inborn and acquired, the entrepreneur critically evaluates the POSSIBLE BEST SOLUTION striking out the unnecessary even if they seem to appear promising.

  • Emotional Intelligence
The entrepreneur knows that this is a weapon of necessity. Being smart and intelligent doesn’t entail that all will be perfect. There will be moments of dis-satisfactions but nonetheless he or she will be able to handle shortcomings as best as possible when emotional intelligence is nurtured to maturity.

Barriers to creative thinking are negativity and in-actions. You simply avoid every form of negative assumptions permitted by you through the medium of your mind. 

  • Play a Lot
Find fun in whatever you do. It keeps you going but don’t take things for granted.
  • Brain Storm
Try and think out of the box. There are different approaches to a situation but a majority of solution finders follows the normal way of solving a problem or a challenge. Dare to be different.

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  • Training

Always keep yourself informed. Attend seminars that will build you. Have a hunger and thirst for knowledge. After all these, always apply your cumulative knowledge to situations that require your intellect.

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  • Business should never be as usual. Take a turn to do old things in a new way

  • Seek For Adventure

Setting achievable standards and aiming for something better than the last. This could be a measure of the growth of your capabilities

  •  Relaxation Of Body & Mind

Through meditations you get in touch with yourself.  Silence is golden. Inspirations come to mind during these moments. Avoid activities or any forms of relationships that drain you of energy leaving you mentally tired and emotionally and psychologically stressed. Be healthy.

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