If you are a ‘’fashion freak’’ and you think you know everything about fashion, think again. There are many things you don’t know! For example, there are many interesting facts from history that are related to fashion. The first and my favorite involves eyebrows. Imagine yourself without them, you will look weird! But, look at Mona Lisa, the most famous masterpiece of Renaissance she doesn’t have eyebrows! You may think Leonardo
Da Vinci forgot them, but, people in the Renaissance shave their eyebrows, because at that time that was ‘’cool’’.

You probably have one or several pairs of jeans. Although, they aren’t very fashionable, they are very popular. Do you know that the average American has 7 pairs of blue jeans? Their name comes from Genes, a cotton pants worn by Genoan sailors.

In 1950 average American spent 11% of their income on clothes. Today, the average American spends 3.8% of their income. This means that every person spend $1.700 buying some kind of clothes. Maybe the explanation for spending less money on clothes are lower prices by 8.5% since 1992. Over a lifetime, the average American woman spends $125.000 on clothes. She will buy 3.000 items (185 dresses, 145 bags and 271 pairs of shoes).

10% of Western women doesn’t wear a bra. 75% of them wears a bra of incorrect size, usually much bigger! It was considered unappropriated if the woman was wearing shorts in public. After the World War II, they could wear shorts.

You probably saw many your people wearing baggy pants. Do you know that this style comes from Los Angeles prison, where inmates weren’t allowed wearing belts (they could be used for hurting other inmates), which explains the look!

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