Exclusive Interview With Soul Songstress Nwamaka Sam-Ejehu (MAKA)

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Sam-Ejehu Nwamaka (Maka) is an extremely talented and unique soul singer and songwriter who started singing professionally in the year 2009, when she was a 200level student of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos. Now a Lawyer and hasn’t stopped singing. Her first song, Loving You got her the winning position on the Beat Fm’s Fresh beat competition. She’s currently working on several projects which of course is set to shock the music industry for good.
In this exclusive interview with Akinyemi Timmy, she tells us of her background, music career, among other things… Enjoy!

T.E – Who is Maka , tell us a ‘lil about yourself?
MAKA – My full name is Sam-Ejehu Nwamaka. That’s where Maka was gotten from. I am from Imo state, Eastern Nigeria, however, I am based in Lagos – western Nigeria. I come from a Christian family of four; a mum, two brothers and me (dad died when I was younger).

T.E – Please tell us of your educational background?

MAKA – I grew up in a university environment –  University of Lagos, to be precise, so I have most of my education centered around it. From preschool to University, all in UNILAG. I am a Lawyer presently.

T.E – Could you describe a typical day?

MAKA – My typical day starts with my run, family devotion, listen to my favourite radio programme, then I head out to wherever my day takes me; meetings, studio, performances, interviews and so on.

T.E – When and why did you choose music?

MAKA – Honestly, music chose me. I was introduced to music from my mother’s womb, so it was not surprising that I fell in love with it and decided to take it as a career. I joined the choir at the age of six and also took my first solo in front of the big congregation at the same age. Since then, the stages have just gotten bigger and the faces more unfamiliar – if you get my drift. *smiles*

T.E – I really love your new single, what inspired the song, tell me about it?

MAKA – Thanks a lot. To be honest, the instrumental inspired me. First of all, I like to write about topics my listeners can easily relate to and what’s more relatable than the desire for love?

T.E – What type of music do you do?

MAKA – I am a soul singer with a blend of the afro, jazz, and hip hop sounds.

T.E – What message would you like your songs to pass across to listeners?

MAKA – As I said earlier, I like my music to relate with its listeners. I write about life in general. I want my listeners to know that they are not the only ones going through what they are going through. I want them to find solace in my music. I also want my music to change the way people think.

T.E – Is any member of your family into music?

MAKA – Technically, almost everyone in my family – nuclear and extended are into music, though I am one of the few to take it professionally. I have a cousin who sings professionally in America, my elder brother doubles as a music producer and a pharmacist. Apart from them, everyone else sings in one choir or the other. I have an uncle in the movie industry though.

T.E – What makes you think you should be in the music industry?

MAKA – Easiest question so far. *laughs*. I was blessed with the gift of music. I am very good at my art. I also have the best team around me. This is a special shout out to Trogge Urban and Str8buttah. The former is the management company under which I am signed, the latter is the production company who handles most of my music. If anyone deserves a shot in the industry, its me. Best believe it.

T.E – Which record label are you signed to?

MAKA – Presently, I am not signed.

T.E – How many songs have you recorded so far?

MAKA – I have recorded close to 50 songs presently.

I respect everyone’s hustle as we all are giving it our sweat and blood. We all have different experiences, therefore we express them differently” 

T.E – Do you play any musical instrument?

MAKA – I play the keyboard – not as good as my elder brother, but enough to go by. Its the main medium I use in creating my music.

T.E – Which famous musician(s) do you admire? Why?

MAKA – I admire a lot of musicians, dead and alive. In no particular order; Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Robin Thicke, Pharell, Christina Aguilera, Adele, Nigeria’s own Fela and Asa. They all do my kind of music, and I hope to be as great – if not greater than them all. 

T.E – How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

MAKA – I am pretty professional about mistakes made – if any at all are made. The audience would only know its a mistake if you make it look like one. So I do not.

T.E – Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?  

MAKA – I only get nervous if I have not had a proper rehearsal before the show. I like to know what to expect from my band before I get on stage. 

T.E – Which Nigerian musician would you like to do a collaboration with? 
MAKA – We have a lot of talented artistes in Nigeria, and I will work with a lot of them during my career. 

T.E – Is there a musician you think you are better than? 
MAKA – As I said earlier, there are a lot of talented artistes around. I do not compare myself to anyone. I respect everyone’s hustle as we all are giving it our sweat and blood. We all have different experiences, therefore we express them differently.


T.E – What can you say of the Nigerian music industry, do you think it’s getting better or otherwise? 

MAKA – I am very proud of the Nigerian Music Industry. I recently attended an African music award show and most of the award recipients were Nigerian artistes. I am also a member of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN). 

T.E – How has social media been of help to your career?

MAKA – Social media has been very helpful. I see it as my office. Its where gigs are gotten, product reviews are made, fans reach out, colleagues come together. Its really amazing. I bless its creators everyday.*laughs*

T.E – How do you handle/cope with your male admirers?

MAKA – My male admirers…hmmm, I guess I am cool with them. I smile and wave when needed, and when its needed to let some of them down, I do that very nicely and politely they would not even notice it. I am such a diplomat. 

T.E – How do you balance your music with other obligations – friends, family, e.t.c?

MAKA – To be honest, I have not gotten all that busy yet. For now, I have the time to hang with my family. I am enjoying this time right now because I know I would not always have this opportunity.

T.E – Do you have any on-going project?

MAKA – I have an EP coming out in January. Its titled “The Truth”, and it’s produced by Str8buttah. My album should be later in the same year. 

T.E – Aside the obvious; what are your interests and hobbies?

MAKA – I like to read novels, I watch a lot of crime documentaries, movies and cartoons. 

T.E – Tell us something most of your fans don’t know about you? 

MAKA – I think I am an open book. Whoever follows me on social media has a pretty good idea of who I am. 

T.E – Are you a feminist? Do you believe in gender equality? If yes or otherwise please tell us why? 

MAKA – I am not a feminist. My faith teaches me that the man is the head of the home. However, it does not mean that they are better. I believe women can achieve whatever they set their minds to. 

T.E – What or which day will be your happiest moment/day? 

MAKA – To be honest, I have no idea. I want every subsequent moment to be better than the previous. Thinking about it, maybe the birth of my first child-no offense to my other future kids.*laughs* 

T.E – Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What are your personal goals?

MAKA – Five years from now, the brand, Maka should be worldwide – God willing. I want to be relevant – UN ambassador relevant. I want to be spoken of 30 years from now for my impact in the Industry. I want my music to live on after I am dead and gone. 

T.E – Any last words for your fans?

MAKA – To my fans, thanks for supporting me. I hope I can give back something to you real soon. I also hope your dreams come true the way I can see mine becoming. 

T.E – What do you think about TRENDSEXPRESS digital magazine?

MAKA – I think you guys are doing a great deal showcasing our lifestyle and culture with excellent editorials and fashion tips. Keep doing what you are doing!                               
                                   MU NA GI (You and I) – By Maka

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Find Maka on; 
FACEBOOK- theofficialmaka
TWITTER- @theofficialmaka 
INSTAGRAM – @theofficialmaka



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