Stephanie Asuai Eyime (Phlow), a budding rapper who has taken part and come out tops in competitions hosted by Skull candy Nigeria, Hennessy Nigeria and performed at several spots including Freedom park, Soul Lounge, Glo laffta fest among others. This promising rapper is really coming out to be a force to reckon with in the Nigerian rap scene. Her recent single “REPUTATION” shows how extremely talented she is in a field that isn’t really common among Nigerian female musicians.

In a recent interview with Akinyemi Timmy of Trendsexpress, she shared with us her journey into the rap world, her music career and lots more…

T.E – Can we meet you, who is Phlow?

PHLOW – Phlow – Stephanie Asuai Eyime is a lagos based female emcee/artist
T.E – How did you come about the name “Phlow”?
PHLOW – It took quite a journey to get to this name, but one thing I noticed while listening to my favourite rap songs, I was always drawn to that element of flow and when I started writing; it was something I always wanted strengthened. People started to notice that in my music and it stuck, flow with a “ph”
T.E – What/whose music did you grow up listening to?
PHLOW – All kinds, listened to a lot of mainstream RnB. I remember being stuck on old music channels, on them snoop dogg, LL cool J, coolio tracks. Even had a little alternative rock thrown in there. I guess you’d say I never stuck to one genre. *smiles*
T.E – When did you first start rapping?
PHLOW – First time I ever tried to pen down rhymes was in 2005, I was trying to one up my elder brother who was in a rap group at the time. He had this verse he had worked on and I thought I could do that too, maybe even better. But I started realizing it was more than just a hobby in 2009, started recording loads of voice drafts and covers on my own back then.

T.E –  Out of all genres of music, why rap?
PHLOW – Rap is more than just a genre, it’s a culture. To be able to tell your story how you want to on some kicks and snares is a pretty amazing feeling.
T.E – Choosing music as a career for most people is usually met with resistance from family members. But you chose an even different path, Rap. What were your parents’/family’s initial reaction when you decided to Rap professionally?
PHLOW – wow, it was not easy. They(My parents); though I was just messing around actually. I remember taking my laptop into my closet to record a “clean sound” and being caught by my mum, she’d just laugh and laugh. Persistence got them to accept it in the end.
T.E – Have your parents/family heard your music? what do they think of it?
PHLOW – Yes,   they have.  Well , they  love  it , but   it’s  family you know;  it’s unconditional .
T.E – Ever been in any competition?
PHLOW – I’ve been in a couple of competitions, yeah, I participated in a popular artist cover competition where I was 1st runner up. I also participated in the Hennessy Vs Class 2015 competition for lyricist where I emerged one of the 5 winners. Funny thing is I was the only female in both competitions. *smiles*

T.E – Are you signed to any label yet?
PHLOW – I am currently under a production deal with Str8Buttah Productions.
T.E – As a lady, did you feel odd, venturing into a field that isn’t really common amongst Nigerian female musicians?
PHLOW – Well, a little bit. But growing up being the only girl with 2 brothers sort of prepared me in a way. I was eventually comfortable doing what I felt I was good at.
T.E – A lot has been said about the lack of structure in the Nigerian music industry, how do you think this can this be resolved?
PHLOW – Well, I think the fact that we are well aware of this is a step in the right direction. Let’s persist, there are people out there who know how to bring structure in, little by little we’ll get there.
T.E – Which artistes inspire you, local and international?
PHLOW – Nas, Drake, Big Sean, M.I, Mode 9, Nicki Minaj (like it a not, she can be a dope emcee when the guns come out), Angel Haze.

T.E – The lyrics of your rap/songs usually have insightful meaning. What inspires your rap?
PHLOW – Situations in life, my environment, other people’s music also.
T.E – You have incredible volume for a female rapper. Some women struggle with breath control or just being loud.
PHLOW – I hear people tell me that, I really don’t know how it happened really. I guess just knowing what I wanted to sound like and recording at home over and over again got me here.
T.E – How do you feel about rap music in Nigeria especially the involvement of females in it, do you think the industry is accommodating?
PHLOW – Well, thankfully the rap crowd is quite accommodating. People who have kept at this have love for the game, and they show it.
T.E – Is there any rapper you think you are better than?
PHLOW – Oh wow, better than? I will leave that for y’all to decide.
T.E – What’s your personal style like?
PHLOW – Pretty much just urban, I’m a sucker for comfort
T.E – What’s your personal style like?
PHLOW – Fashion trend? I just keep up with what looks good.

T.E – If you get the chance to change a thing in the world, what would that be?

PHLOW – Hmmm, every one’s usually wound up and stressed, especially in Lagos. If I could change anything it would be the vibe, the frustrated vibe we all get with our various hustles. Easier said than done.*smiles*
T.E – Do you have any project you are currently working on?
PHLOW – I just finished up an EP titled Mind, Body and Phlow . I am still recording a lot more, exploring my sound really.
T.E – What’s next for Phlow?
PHLOW – What’s next, more music from me.
T.E – Any last words for your fans?
My fans? Thank you for believing in this, the plan is not to let y’all down.
PHLOW –  TrendsExpress is definitely setting the standard for online urban fashion styles. A solid platform to say the least and thanks so much for showcasing me. 
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