Now here’s the thing about online dating. You have abstracted yourself from the real world and then you unto looking out for a perfect partner in the new media-online. Whoah! Are you serious? Probably you’ve never met in real life and what makes you think that this person is all you want?
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The internet has definitely made getting him/her easier!! The evidence of evolution in humans is not only subject to the physical changes that have occurred over the years, but also seen in our quest for the perfect partner. Dating and courtship behaviors as continued to evolve from just by showing you’re an alpha male and probably killing a huge and strange animal to get a mate in stone age times, to sending flowers and perfumed letters to lovely maidens in classic times, to walking up to her and flattering her in modern times and recently both parties are involved in the approach, which has been significantly aided by the internet. Below are the pros and cons of online dating.
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Just like the typical African proverbs says “there are many fishes in the river”. Online dating provides wide range of individuals to choose from and meet with. The social media encompasses millions of people, so there is definitely a pool of people to choose from. Some social mobile apps or online dating sites have even advanced to the stage of filtering individuals for their clients according to their tastes.  This is definitely an advantage as you get to meet more potential partners compared to going out to approach them.

Unless your network provider decides to screw up, the problem of transport, visiting them, getting together, rescheduling and meeting for first dates is eradicated. Online dating is easily accessible and even with a tight schedule you can make time for it.

The beautiful thing about online dating is that all the communication problems that come with approaching in person have been reduced drastically. Even the shiest person can have good conversations; you don’t have to worry about your anxiety or staring into those intimidating eyes. You can express your sense of humor and even say daring things (you rather not say in person) you type with half closed eyes.

Interactions done in person come with lots of complications and can be influenced negatively by a whole lot of different factors. Even Cranky and ill-tempered people have the tendency to soften up when it comes to chatting on social media.

Since people are more receptive and one gets engaged in these various social media applications for a good reasonable amount of time, you tend to get more information on each other and it definitely makes first date easier, as you’re already comfortable with each other, knowing their interests and also knowing the food or drinks to order for.

Online dating has been discovered to have good success rates even if the relationships might not last for so long.



The huge amount of individuals and varieties online dating provides is the lead source of emotional unfaithfulness, and sexual perversion. Commitment then becomes something extremely rare and difficult since you have various potential lovers at your finger tips.

You might wonder where or how I coined the word “Cat-fishing”, it’s simple a title named after a reality show that emphasized how people tell outrageous lies on online dating platforms. Most times they’re not even the pictures on their online profile, or the pictures they keep sending to you. They turn out not to even be who you thought they’re and some don’t even share the same feeling you have for them. Honesty is a major problem when it comes to online dating. Nija babes and guys can testify to this.
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Lots of confidential information gets shared on online dating platforms and this has led to various vices like blackmail, kidnapping, stalking and even murder. Internet fraud cannot also be left out, as these villains use sex appeal or toy with your emotions in a bid to swindle you.

Online dating platforms could be so enticing with the varieties it offers and ease of accessibility. Individuals tend to spend long time on these platforms in search of a potential mate. It is evident that not everyone has self control, so it becomes addictive to them.

But come to think of it, people have testified that it is through the online dating that they met themselves and for now are living happily ever after. Love can just find you anywhere and anytime. So now the debate here is has the online dating helped in promoting successful relationships? 
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