By Akinyemi Timmy
Adding accessories to any outfit can make the outfit look completely different. It’s one of the most important details in an outfit. Without accessories, an outfit will be exactly the same as food without salt i.e. bland, if you know what I mean. And, adding these small accessories is not much of an effort too, so even if your outfit is not that great, you can still pep it up with the help of small detailing like adding a watch or a tie, etc.
I thought of giving you all a list of accessories you need to have in your wardrobe so that you too can make your outfits stand out!

1. Bracelets

Times have changed and bracelets are no longer ”old skool”. Bracelets have now become the most go-to accessory to take the outfit a notch higher. So add on some good universal pieces to your wardrobe. I recommend some common colours like tan brown, white and black to start with.

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. Coloured Socks

Coloured socks with a contrast from your bottoms are another great accessory you all can adapt for your outfits. Simple black, brown or white socks are too boring nowadays and no longer look interesting. We are in the era of change and changing the type of socks you wear to enhance your outfit is the way to go.

3. Hats/Caps

Break the rules and wear hats/caps with your outfits. These not only help you avoid a bad hair day but make you look stylish as well, trust me they do!

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4. Money and Card Clip

Do you still have the age-old bulky looking wallet? Do you want to change from a heavy boring wallet to an interesting cool way to hold money and your cards? Money/Card clip is your thing. This cool dapper accessory also has a magnet to hold on to your coins! Cool, isn’t it? Of course yes!

Most Essential Dapper Accessories That Will Step Up Any Outfit
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5. Bow Ties

If you thought bow ties were only meant to be worn with tuxedos or suits, then you are still in the 90s. Times have changed and so has the fashion world in Nigeria. Bow ties can be worn with just anything to enhance the look. Just give this look a try once, you’ll thank me later.

Most Essential Dapper Accessories That Will Step Up Any Outfit
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6. Sunglasses

So I am not talking about the classic ones here. I’m telling you to experiment with the latest designs of shades which include round or squared shaped. The colours which are in trend right now are reflectors of all sorts.

Most Essential Dapper Accessories That Will Step Up Any Outfit
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What is that accessory that compliments any of your outfit. Feel free to tell us.
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