Fact: Curvy girls are killing it at the style game.

Want proof? Just check out Chanté at Everything Curvy and Chic, Marie at Migg Magg, and Chastity at Garner Style, all of whom offered their favorite style ideas and tips.

1. Embrace your belly.

Embrace your belly.
Lucy Cartwright / Via miggmag.com
“I know a lot of plus-size women who follow one styling rule: HIDE THE BELLY,” says Ospina. “But a lot of times, this results in wearing horrifically unflattering and baggy, fit-for-high-school-PE apparel. It’s not exactly a recipe for feeling good about yourself.”

And shapewear can over-promise and under-deliver. “Oftentimes, shapewear and supposedly high-waisted jeans won’t actually make you look like an hourglass bombshell. They’ll create lumps where there aren’t any. So rather than focusing on hiding your tummy, find clothes that make you happy!”

2. Invest in good undergarments.

 “Always make sure that you wear the proper undergarments,” advises Chanté B., the blogger behind Everything Curvy and Chic. “Nothing is worse than having the perfect outfit but not having the right foundation to pull it off.”

3. And that goes double for good basics.

And that goes double for good basics.
Invest in tanks and tees, leggings and tights that you can wear under everything.

4. Try on loads of different sizes when you’re shopping.

Try on loads of different sizes when you're shopping.
Size ain’t nothing’ but a number, and sizes often aren’t consistent among brands.

“So we all know that a 14 isn’t a 14 everywhere,” says Ospina. Don’t be afraid of trying on a 12 somewhere because, ‘THAT WOULD NEVER FIT.’ It very well might!”

5. Find clothes that flatter your specific shape.

Find clothes that flatter your specific shape.
Not all curvy girls are the same. Maybe you’re a triangle or an hourglass, a diamond or an oval, a figure eight or inverted triangle. Whatever your shape, this handy guide can help you find styles that flatter.

6. Crop tops FTW.

Crop tops FTW.
Gabi Fresh is the queen of this.

“I know showing off a little bit of tummy can be horrifying when we’re so often taught it’s a part of the body worthy of shame,” says Ospina. But actually? “Crop tops tend to look AMAZING on fuller-figured girls. Something about them shows off just the right amount of sexy curves. And that can definitely be empowering!”

7. Try some thigh-highs or knee-highs.

Knee-highs and thigh-highs “elongate the legs, add a certain kind of sass, and they make for a far quirkier outfit than your run-of-the-mill ankle socks,” says Ospina. “I love combining mesh tights (preferably polka dot) with thigh-highs on top. Something about the combo really does make thicker legs look awesome and sexy, and it’s a styling trick ideal for this season.”

8. And don’t hide from your curves.

Wearing oversized clothes aimed at camouflaging your body can actually make you look bigger than you are. By embracing your curves, you’ll find that clothes are actually more flattering.

9. OTT Accessorizing isn’t always necessary.

Ospina emphasizes that you shouldn’t feel like you have to douse yourself in baubles to feel beautiful. Instead, she suggests trying a fun, outsized print instead.

“Gone are the days when all that was sold in a 12+ were boot cut jeans and baggy tees,” says Ospina. “If you have a flare for all things kitsch and loud, go for a bold-printed bodycon or an Alexander-McQueen-would-be-proud co-ord set. Jewelry can be super fun, but pulling off a bold look without a chunky necklace can be way more interesting.”

10. Know your fabrics.

Know your fabrics.
Knowing what fabrics you like — and which fabrics you totally hate against your skin — will make shopping a lot easier.

“You’lll know whats flattering for your body type and this will make your shopping experience 10x’s better in store and online,” recommends Chanté.

11. Don’t skimp on tailoring.

Don't skimp on tailoring.
Tailoring is a relatively inexpensive way to have a huge impact on the way that your clothes fit. It can be the difference between an outfit looking frumpy and sloppy, or totally put together. Case in point: Kim of the blog Naturally Fashionable paid just $18 to turn this oversized coral A-line shift into the perfect body con dress.

12. Wide belts can be your best styling friend.

If you don’t have time to take a skirt or shirt to the tailor, suggests Garner, throw a wide belt on to hide the extra fabric. A structured blazer can also hide a multitude of tailoring sins.

13. When in doubt, choose a fit and flare dress.

When in doubt, choose a fit and flare dress.
“Fit and flare dresses look good on any body type and we all have at least one in the closet,” says Garner. True.

14. Always, always, ALWAYS wear what makes you feel good.

Always, always, ALWAYS wear what makes you feel good.
“Life is entirely too short to be concerned about lists of rules and what others will think,” says Garner. Amen.
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