Along with bad finger nails and an overuse of hair product, unruly eyebrows are up there with the worst grooming crimes men can commit. If they are not kept neat and tidy, it can ruin an otherwise impeccable look, and create a negative first impression of your image – so it is important to consider eyebrow maintenance as part of your routine.
This doesn’t mean you should shape your eyebrow, just some subtle grooming to ensure your brows don’t become overgrown.
The best way to approach grooming at home is broken down into two stages: First avoiding the monobrow and secondly, shaping and general maintenance to help you get a handle on your brows
1. Avoiding a Monobrow: Obviously, not everyone has a comical unibrow that meets in the middle, but it is noticed that most men have stray hairs in the centre of their eyebrows that needs attention too .
The first step you need to do is to wash and cleanse the area with warm water before using your fingers to brush down your eyebrows, so its easy to spot those that are out of place. Once you have established long wiry hairs that need removing, stretch out your skin with your free hand and begin to pluck individual hairs working from the centre of your eyebrows, outwards. Yes it does hurt a little to begin with, but with time you would get use to it.
Alternatively, you can use wax strips to get a quicker, smoother result but you have to be extra careful because the results can be drastic and its probably best you get someone to help you with this method.
2. Shaping and Maintenance: Once you’ve got a handle on your monobrow, you can take your eyebrow grooming to the next level and further perfect your overall appearance. Often, men can have hairs above or below their eyebrows that gibes them an overgrown or fuzzy appearance. Removing these requires you to take things really slowly, because the last thing you want to do is over pluck.
Use your fingers or boot brush and comb to ensure that your eyebrows are smoothed down. This ensures you are only removing the necessary stray strands. Then you can either make good use of your tweezers to banish unruly brow hairs or tidy any edges and flicks with a pair of facial hair scissors.
Ensure You:
• Ask for help if you need it
• Don’t use a razor
• Cut in chunks
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